Introductory – Start Here

Welcome to the Introductory section for the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.  There are several options for your first experience, all of them filled with great information, wonderful songs and devotions — all delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

New Introductory Lecture!

San Diego Stump Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on February 23, 1988 @ 7 PM PST, Presented at the Scottish Rite Memorial Center, San Diego, California

Option # 1

Elizabeth Clare Prophet gave a landmark lecture in Chicago Illinois on February 27th, 1993 that covered the topic of working with Angels to create miracles in our lives. Engaging, clear, extremely informative, this lecture contains the keys to your personal victory. A must-watch.

Option # 2

Stump Lectures are introductory lectures designed to inform and enlighten the attendee about a given topic, in this case, the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.  The below “stump” lecture was delivered in London England, sponsored by Saint Germain and was conducted by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Option # 3

For those who are new to the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, delivered through Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the below public lecture, titled “The Healing Power of Angels” is an excellent introduction to Angels, Ascended Masters, Violet Flame, Karma and Reincarnation etc.  The event includes Invocations, Decrees, Lecture, Songs and Dictations.

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