Quote: Mother’s Vow to Lanello

Mother’s vow to Lanello:

Every word that you have ever uttered that is on tape we will print and publish for the salvation of mankind.

But the teachings are not only in his personal communications and in what I will be giving you from the platform. They are from the great wealth of lectures and talks he gave. And the transcription of those must be done with great diligence as well as the duplication of the tapes. You must take out every Pearl and every gem that he gave in the middle of staff meetings, talks that have gone back for years—that whatever we have we must extract them. Because these kernels, and sometimes they were more than kernels, they were whole galaxies of information; whatever they are I can develop them and put them in books of his lectures and writings.

So our job is beginning. We have not yet begun to fight. Until we have covered the earth with the teachings that he began, we have not completed our mission. We must not lose any time. We must realize that every minute and every hour is time when we can be making these teaching available to mankind. Every five minutes, every half hour, very hour that is wasted is time taken from this great mission, this great work of getting these teachings to mankind.

Excerpt from Mother’s message to staff on the afternoon of the ascension in the Light of our beloved Messenger, Mark L. Prophet February 26, 1973.

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