Quote: Padma Sambhava on Spreading the Teachings is the Most Important Assignment You Have

padmasambhava“Now then, I appeal to you in the name of the Lords of Karma and the Darjeeling Council that the spreading of this teaching abroad throughout the earth is the most important assignment you have. It is more important than any assignments you have received in many incarnations. If you accomplish this assignment, beloved ones, in terms of bringing the teachings of the ascended masters to the world, you will know that you have accrued to your chart much merit.

The time is short. The people must not be left bereft if there are truly upheavals, as the signs of the times show. Understand, beloved, that we have a great need of those who have the professional capacity to work in the publishing of books, of CDs, reaching the millions in the world, reaching cable television in South America. This cable television can go to every nation where there are those chelas who may sponsor it.”

From Vol. 46 No. 9 – Beloved Padma Sambhava – March 2, 2003