Advice on Getting Married by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

“It’s important then, when making a decision for marriage, to give the seraphim, these mighty beings, give them the opportunity to come to you as they did to Thomas Aquinas, to give you the golden belt of the chastity, the virtue of chastity; to do your prayer and your fasting and to not feel pressured into a decision.
I have someone that is a student who is, is like on a ping-pong match; energies going back and forth, who should I marry, shall I marry this person, shall I marry that person? Well, she’s all in a tizzy over this situation. Well, the answer is obvious–don’t marry anyone. You see how the force has her tied into the relative good and evil spectrum. Your whole life can become a ping-pong game if you don’t realize that God stops the ping-pong match altogether and he makes you divert your energy from this embroilment and centers you in himself.
And the point is, get married to God. Get married to the Cosmic Virgin. When you do this, and do it in your total fullness of being you may very well find yourself so much the incarnation of God that God also incarnates himself as your partner standing by your side as your polarity.
Because if you are a perfect polarity with God he may choose to do that, or he may choose to so fill you with himself that you have this energy that is perpetually going back and forth over the figure-eight pattern in such an acceleration that anyone that has any proximity to your life becomes an intrusion upon this inner communion. “
Lecture “Padre Pio, the Stigmatist” given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on June 3, 1977

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