El Morya: Why Our Calls are Not Always Immediately Answered

We do not despair.  We take renewed hope, but feel an admission of need to pinpoint clearly for the student body certain areas of thought which will enable you to sidestep future problems before they occur and thus perform, as we do, that type of service to the earth which is of greatest assistance in time of need.

I reveal a karmic decree.  Some of you earnestly sought our aid at the onset of the crisis in Los Angeles.  You were unwilling to permit disorder to rage one hour longer than necessary.  Some of you experienced some dismay because of the prolongation of the destructive activities.  We did reveal to a few that the Karmic Board had made a decision to refrain for a determined period from answering any pleas concerning the disorder in Los Angeles.  This decision was made in order that human destructivity should clearly manifest its intent to the people of America and the world so that corrective steps might be taken to avoid the causes behind the manifestation.

Precious ones, many times when calls are answered on the instant, people presume that no very real danger presented itself.  Again and again similar situations have threatened to engulf the world with a far more destructive action than this tiny affair, which in a relative sense has indeed proven small by comparison.  Yet, we have forestalled these actions in the holy name of mercy, and that without so much as one shred of gratitude expressed to us or to those who represent us below.

Excerpt from a letter to the congregation from the beloved Ascended Master, El Morya, dated August 24, 1965, Beacon’s Head.

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