Jesus on Christmas Day, 1978


Dictation by JESUS
Elizabeth Clare Prophet
December 25, 1978; 1:04-1:27 pm PST
Christmas Service
Camelot, California

Into the temple most holy I AM come.  I AM Jesus.  In the flame of the Holy Ghost I transfer to you the message of my love and my living Presence among the people of light.  This day in the celebration of the Christ born again I bow to the Ancient of Days who is upon the throne and the Son of God does sit to the right hand of that flaming one.  I and my Father are one, and you who have seen me have also seen the Father.  But if you have not seen me then you know not the Christ within yourself or the Father who is the I AM Presence of each one.  Therefore, I speak to you this day on the knowing of the Lord who dwells within your temple.  I speak to you on the knowing of the Person of Christ as that Christ was revealed to me and as the blessed Father revealed to you that Christ through me.  I come to send a sacred fire unto the earth.  I come with that descending light and that light is the principle of the law which must be maintained as the cube of consciousness that remains the cube and is not scattered, is not misaligned.  So as the light descends as law, it is also the Person of the Lawgiver.

Beloved ones, the fallen ones pretend to be on the path of initiation but they have set themselves a law unto themselves and they have distorted the cosmic cube, even by microseconds of consciousness of their individual rebellion; and they have rebelled against the great Person of the lawgiver within and therefore other gods, other astral masters have come into the temple of being because they themselves have been without the standard of truth and the humility before the person of that standard, the standard bearer, the messenger of light.  Beloved ones, the messenger may take many forms.  The messenger is always God, hiding behind the mask of this or that one.

Therefore, take heed that ye hurt not one of these little ones, that you do not offend one of my children, for the offense of the little child is symbolical of the offense of the Christ Self in all people.  When you see the little child and you can turn back and condemn that child it is a sign that you would do this unto the Manchild or the Christ.  And as you look here and there in the world you will see children abused by parents who use then to transfer their momentums of darkness, their frustrations and their anger, to ground them because they, themselves, have not the courage to contain that anger and to put it into the fire of the Holy Ghost.

Wherever the little child is threatened there is the Christ of every part of life threatened; and so I desire to see my disciples within this community raise up a greater awareness of the ministration of myself in the little children.  The priority unto the children is given as a priority unto me, not as a coddling or a favoring or a spoiling of the outer self, but it is in the great Spirit of the Magi, the adoration of the threefold flame which they bear.  Their light is a great light because it is a part of the new dispensation and so you see how the child is persecuted east and west, even before it is born.  The angels play a tune in minor key upon their harps.  It is a mournful tune, for it is the mourning by the light of the secret rays of those children who have passed once again into the octaves of light because there has been no room in the inn this Christ Mass.  Millions of souls who have been deprived of life this year would give testimony to a victory for the Herods.  That victory must be unto the hosts of the Lord.  It must be a physical victory of souls come into life because there is the defense of the Word, and of truth.  Now I announce to you the desire of the blessed mother of my life, the beloved Mary, to initiate in you an activity of service unto the child in the order of the Holy Child conceived by the messenger Mark Prophet in communion with the ascended masters, the blessed Mary bids those Sons and Daughters of Dominion and all who aspire to that order to a new vigil for youth, for the Holy child and for those coming to earth.

This service of the Mother of the Flame for the youth of the world must be taken up by those who are the sons and daughters, the shepherds of my sheep.  It is through this very service that you will transmute your karma that you bear toward the children of the world from previous indulgences of error in other incarnations.  Let the karma then of all who would be chelas of El Morya and disciples of the Christ, the karma which they have retained on record as the karma with children be put to the torch in this year.

This is my Christmas prayer to you, that you heed the Word of the blessed Mother Mary, that you heed her word for a greater prayer vigil on behalf of the little children, all that besets them, and therefore you must study the conditions of their life and that which prevents them from receiving me as their Saviour on the Path.  Beloved ones, great souls can come to earth through you and through many wonderful families of light in all religions in this year; but the drive toward abortion, the drive for the taking of the life of the Messiah before it is protected by the fullness of consciousness descent that is on the increase and therefore must be exposed by enlightenment, by love and by a God determination that invokes the judgment that confirms the judgment and that is absolutely determined that the will of God shall prevail in this issue.  Beloved ones, there is not a condition of earth that is of greater concern to Mother Mary in this hour than the protection of children awaiting birth, and the protection of those in embodiment who are sent upon a regal and a rightful mission for the Lord.  So there is a disturbance in the balance of the planet, and the concern of the mother is that the Great White Brotherhood will no longer be able to stay the hand of the descent of karma on abortion, propounded and extended throughout the earth from this nation of America.  The time has come, then, when the earth will reap that karma which they have brought upon themselves by the murder of the holy innocents.  Therefore, let the Feast of Saint Stephen, and let the day of the holy innocents be celebrated as a vigil for these souls and a vigil for an ignorant, manipulated humanity who have responded to this doctrine of death instead of to the culture of life everlasting.  Beloved ones, we see the education of the people but now we must say again, this is the year when all must become physical when you must see that any impediment to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is removed from you for you must pass into the line of Reality, into the line of tangibility, into the line of credibility among your peers of light upon Earth.  And so let the Coming Revolution begin with the light-bearers and let it cross the line of separation in organization or doctrine and let it be a uniting of hearts who see the great need for a massive education in spiritual matters and material as well to precede the coming of the great flame of freedom in the heart of Saint Germain and a new order of the ages.  Let enlightenment go forth.  Let those who have diligently prepared the exposé on abortion be commended and also receive the impetus to finish so nobly begun in Alpha now concluded in Omega.  That book, that handbook on abortion is most necessary for the Virgin Mother to plead before the courts of heaven for more many and more dispensation and to show that some upon Earth have responded to her call.

Beloved ones, we cannot speak of Elysian fields and other glories and other realities while there is one lost sheep.  Today there are many, many lost sheep who have strayed from the flock, not by their own doing but because they have been deterred by those who have willfully prevented their birth in life.  So great is the upset in the balance of the United States today of those lifestreams who have been sent for the victory that it is the major subject of discussion before the Lords of Karma at the conclusion of this year as to how we will find entrée for these souls of light and how we will then allow them to accelerate and to take their place which has been blocked now for many years even unto a decade.  And so the setting back of evolution by those days and hours of years, that becomes the great dilemma; and of course, beloved ones, the shortening of the days for the elect, the acceleration of cycles is in our hands, but how can it be that all of these souls who have lost opportunity for preparation and development can suddenly be expected to come into life fully apprised and aware, perhaps arcing through necessary periods of development to suddenly come into an age of responsibility wherein they ought to still be enjoying the great freedom of childhood.  This will be the case when souls are late in arrival and the cosmic timetable will move on; and so it will be necessary to accelerate the program of Montessori International as a blueprint for many schools throughout the earth and therefore let the most qualified teachers of excellence of humility and devotion come forth, let them understand it is not the children you teach alone but all who will be coming, who must have the program, the outline and the very best opportunity to rise up into the native awareness of their individual Christ Self in those very early years.

Beloved ones, I behold many souls of light simply tarrying on the very edge of the threshold of time and space, already, as it were, in a consciousness of embodiment already about their Father’s business, yet missing the very necessary lower vehicles to be of influence upon those who have yet the need to see and hear and feel and taste and smell the manifest Word of God.  Beloved ones, those who have nobly held the banner for life and against abortion throughout the nation require your intercession, require your entering into their ranks for the giving of the invocations to Archangel Michael, the giving of the Rosary and the calling forth of those dynamic decrees that will bind the fallen ones and their attempts to avert the freedom and the liberation of life.  And so, beloved ones, I commend the students of Montessori International and of Summit University to join the ranks with all of those who are speaking and who are delivering the Word on this issue.  These children of the light must have reinforcements and let this year then be dedicated by the teaching centers to this issue, to its exposure, to the explanation of the family;  that it not be destroyed by the beast of socialism and to the correct teaching on community as the extension of the family and God government as being ordained to represent that family on behalf of the incoming Christ.  And so beginning with the soul aborning in the womb we see the logical conclusion of a ministry that gives the outline of life that explains the meaning of love and the opportunity to balance karma within the family by love that intensifies and has a greater and greater commitment year by year to the Person of God in the souls who are found one in that hallowed circle.

Beloved ones, let, therefore, the sons and daughters of God take this issue as the one in which they determine to be God victorious, for upon it all other issues hang; and, beloved children of God, you who are pursuing the fullness of your own Christ Self understand, then, that those leaders who will not take their stand for God and for life must also be accounted for–those to the right and to the left of the law of being.  And so you see, the very issue itself is a dividing of the way of the tares and the wheat of those who are of God and know they are of God and will defend the right of God to aborn within them, to be born, to come forth; those who are not of God know they are not of God and do not desire to perpetuate their own seed, their own anti-God Self and therefore are the ones who have promoted abortion.

Beloved ones, those who are of the seed of the murderer and the Liar from the beginning pursue their policies of abortion simply because by nature they are murderers.  The question is then who among the children of God have been indoctrinated by the Liar and his lie, and who among them are not the children of God but the wolves in sheep’s clothing who have not the light of Christ in them, and therefore will never succumb to the great Logos, the great reason of the Word that life is from the moment of conception until the hour when the breath of the Holy Ghost returns to the Father and the crystal cord is cut and the threefold flame ascends to the etheric plane.

Beloved ones, those who deny life will not listen to reason.  They will not accept facts and figures; and thus they stand exposed when you call forth the judgment and you bring the light of truth.  Go not after these, then, but go after the lost sheep of the House of Israel who have lost their way through a false indoctrination and through the brainwashing of Zero Population Growth.  Go after the children of God who are making the karma and who ought to be liberated from the Liar and his lie.  Draw the them into the sheepfold.

Give then the teaching and above all, a comfort of life.  I AM Jesus.  I stand within your temple.  I release a great sacred fire that is my meditation throughout this day upon the light of the little child.  I walk the earth and I minister to children and all children of Earth this day will see me as I am, will know me as I am, and will know who they are in God.  For I, Jesus, have determined that my Christmas Day will be with the children of the earth so that promise of their own victory may be sealed.  My own heart trembles with the heart of Mother Mary looking upon those things that will shortly come to pass upon the earth, and therefore we look to the protection of the children, to the sealing of the children in the divine plan and in the light that will be the protection of all in coming changes.  It is the light that seals every part of God, the light that cannot be taken away.  Pursue that light and guard it in these little ones and you will move forward into the victory.  Let your joy and your celebrations this day be in honor of the children around you and those throughout the earth; and remember to give a prayer now and then as you join in fellowship that my Presence shall he unto these children, a quickening fire, a baptism of the Word, and the opening of their individual missions.  I have come in Mighty Cosmos’  secret rays.

I have come speaking to you from within your own secret chamber of the heart.  I have spoken from within that you might now go within and accustom yourselves to receiving me each day and more frequently in that inner chamber.  I desire, then, to breathe upon you the breath of the Holy Ghost and to leave with you the great message of the Word which I have delivered through our messenger in the great tribute of the prophecy of Isaiah.  Surely he came to deliver to you the message of your Christhood.  Run with it, my flock, and set the captives free.  In the name of the Father, in the name of the Mother, in the name of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.  I AM with you alway.


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