Karmic Board Letters

This is a transcript from the New Year’s Light of the World Conference, occurring on December 30, 1984, commentary by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

“I would like to explain to you the ancient tradition and the custom, as well, in our church of writing letters to God.  This we do each end of the year, directing our letter to the Father, to our I AM Presence and Christ Self, and to whoever among the saints we desire to petition intercession.

Our letters contain, first of all, a request for forgiveness, calling upon the law of forgiveness for, our transgressions of God’s laws–transgressions known to us and not known to us, especially of the past year.  The letter is written for the clearing of the slate of the year and then of this embodiment and all past lives since the descent into unreality.

We then offer ourselves upon the altar of God to perform a service or a work for him for which we ask a dispen­sation of sponsorship from God and one or more of the masters as well as an allotment of energy.

When we ask for these dispensations we need to be certain that we will diligently do what we promise.  We’ve all heard of the drowning person who tells God, “If you save me, I’ll give you my life.”  And usually the stories are told by those who have given to God their lives and who have been saved.

We realize that in one sense we are like the drowning man.  We are trying to catch the breath, re-catch the breath of the Holy Spirit and return to eternal life.  However, what sometimes happens is that we receive the gift from God and then forget our promises.  This, of course, is recorded on our ledger by the recording angels, and when it happens our record does not look too good.  The next time we ask for a dispensation, we need to show, then, some fruits of stewardship, some fruits of attempting to atone for that or to pay for that previous dispensation.

So it is better to ask for small gifts and be sure that we make them fruitful than to ask for so great a gift that we wind up not being able to fulfill it and thus not having been a wise steward or petitioner.

This is the first time that we have been asked to write these letters before New Year’s Eve.  So I would like you to be thinking about your letter–what you want to do for God in this year, what you want to resolve in your life.

Aside from God, you can address any person of the hierarchy of light, any saint, and you may address different persons for different problems.  It’s a wonderful opportunity.  God never fails to answer our call.

These petitions are collected, put in a basket; I offer them to God at the altar with an invocation, and then they are burned.  No one reads them.  You may write them and seal them in an envelope, and they will go into the physical fire, at which time they are translated to the etheric level, and each one you address receives a copy of your letter.  And so– [laughter].

The Lords of Karma figure prominently in this.  You can find their names in their decree.  I think it’s 7.29.  And they read them at the Royal Teton Retreat at, at the Grand Teton in Wyoming.  And they are the ones who, through whom God delivers the judgments of what dispensations can be forthcoming to each of us.

Then you can call for dispensations for our community as a whole in which you volunteer to participate and support for our various branches, our schools, and so forth, and then dispensations for your personal family, for loved ones–in the sense of you implementing these.  You cannot ask for a dispen­sation for someone else except it be keeping in the will of God and so forth, because you cannot guarantee what they will do with the dispensation.  But you can call for divine inter­vention for your nation, for your government, for your world, for your solar system, and so forth.  In other words, it’s a chance to be an advocate before the Father on behalf of millions.      

Following this service, we will then go to our meal, return to our various programs.  We will follow the Archangel Michael marathon and the calls to the violet flame combined for world transmutation.  We will do this at all intervals between our services from now through New Year’s Eve.  We will attend the dictation, whether this evening or tomorrow, of Archangel Jophiel.  And remember to insert some calls to the second ray for illumination preparing for his coming.”

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