Lanello’s Birthday Address – 1977

Vol. 20 No. 2 – Lanello – January 9, 1977

Lanello’s Birthday Message December 24, 1976:
The Cornerstone for the Building of the Temple Beautiful
Part I

Clear the way for the new cycle!  I speak of new beginnings, of new-found origins in Life, in Spirit. This is a moment for introducing the soul to cosmic dimensions, to a vision, a purpose, and a will predetermined in the plan, yet which must be affirmed by free will here and now.

I come into your midst to study your soul patterns, to meditate with you upon your potential for this year and each year that will turn in life for you until the hour when you are called to the homing, to the oneness, to the transcendence of life in ascension’s fires.

Look at the fire that burns. It is held in your hand by free will. By free will it is lit, by free will it is extinguished. God also possesses free will. By free will the Lord of the Universe ignites the threefold flame upon the altar of the heart. By free will the Lord of the Universe withdraws the flame to higher octaves. There is a champion of the flame. The champion is the Holy Spirit, the Maha Chohan, who provides the breath of life whereby the flame burns on.

You have accepted and ratified free will, even the burning of the flame within your heart. Some have cried out in despair, “I did not ask to be born!”  I would answer, “Oh, yes, you asked to be born!  You asked for life and opportunity and the cosmic morn, that moment when you would be infilled with the Spirit that would come as the Comforter to teach you all things.” <1> The coming of life, blessed life, the moment for the mending of the flaws and for the bending of the twig that is bent, the hour of your coming, the portent of your birth–the vigil was held by angels.

O souls of great worth, I contemplate all that you are in God and I contemplate your sense of limitation, for it is only that sense which prevents you from the absolute victory of God-freedom for Saint Germain, for the plan of Morya, for the expansion of the light. How does limitation manifest in your world?  It is in the sense that the Source of the flame is limited, that the flame is finite, that the fuel will not always be there.

But remember that I am in that dimension to which I call you. And from that point of reality so very near, so very close to your heart, I see the equation of life. I see the threefold flame within you as the sign that that which is above and that which is below is balanced by the flame in the center.

The flame is the equal sign of the equation, and you understand that the equation must be balanced. The balancing of the equation is the same ritual of the ascension that is the ritual of molecules and atoms in the flow of the cosmos according to the mathematics of the cosmos. And so you see, what I am saying is that the equation of your life is, in reality, a mathematical formula which is not limited–no, not by any means, but only by your concept of flow. There are hindrances and barriers to the descent of fire from on high that would cascade into your midst, into your very heart.

If only you would understand the psychology of the surrender of the sense of limitation!  God does not ask of you any more than he has already given you, and that which rightfully ought to flow to him so that the impetus of the return flow can be the recharging of the flow back to your heart’s altar. And so it is–the downhill momentum gives you the momentum for the uphill. And so the energies of God, cascading into your midst, are for the manifestation of the light which then is to ascend back to the very Source of life.

There is a causal body from whence you have come, to which you shall return. But now in the moment–in the here, in the now–we are concerned with the candle that glows. We are concerned that you seize opportunity for the maximum release of life. For I have recently spoken with newly ascended souls who have said to me, “O Lanello, if I only knew what I could have manifested on earth, what I could have called forth, what I could have anchored for the light, for the community!  Had I only had the vision of the potential and how available, how manifest is that principle, that formula, that is the I AM Presence of each one!”

And so it is upon the suggestion of newly ascended souls that I come to you. I come to recommend that you try the Spirit <2>of the living God by the fiat of love–not by frantic calls nor by rote, but by the very love that expresses a deep devotion as well as a sense, an almost urgent sense, of mankind’s need.

I suggest, then, that you kneel in prayer once a day in the hours before you take your leave from your body temple and that you give the call that is known in our octave as the emptying of the heart. It is that call whereby you pray to God for all the healing, the wisdom, the intensity of light that you see is needed by mankind, by your family, by the cause which we share, whereby you give full vent to your heart’s desire, to your longing to be one with God, and to your longing to see the little children elevated in innocence unto light, unto wisdom.

Let those final moments in your day not be cluttered with useless conversations, concerns over the matters which must be dealt with in the morrow, but only the committing unto God of those things which are necessary, rather than your discussion or your attempting to solve the problem by human means. In that moment when the soul prepares to enter that bark to sail to another plane for service in the etheric octave, in that blessed moment as you take your leave, there is the opportunity, while yet conscious, to make a very special contact with your own Christ Self, your I AM Presence, the angelic hosts, the Christ Selves of loved ones.

There is immense power in that moment, precious hearts. To this moment I commend your soul–that you give the full expression to the chords of your heart, that you pray to God and know that your prayer, committed unto his will, will be considered, answered, and acted upon before the morning light shines through the windows of your room and of your soul.

There should not be a care left over for the day that is to come. But all cares placed upon the Lord, upon his heart, through this blessed moment of communion, will so be resolved as God is able to resolve them given the state of your karma, given the state of the conditions of this earth, but most of all, given the state of your consciousness.

We have watched as souls have given to God in prayer most difficult problems. We have seen that souls have then retired in sleep, but they have not opened the valve of consciousness. And therefore, although the answer was forthcoming, it did not flow through the arteries of the mind into the four lower bodies and into the soul, but was cut off because, upon awakening, the outer mind, in its sense of limitation, blocked the release of the blessing for the day.

Therefore, take care to guard your consciousness upon awakening, even as you guard your consciousness upon retiring. Be swift, when you open your eyes, to call for the protection of the blessings that are about to descend into your heart, your head, and your hand. Be swift to call to your own heart flame, and for the sword of blue flame which you bear in Michael’s name, for the sealing of the energies of light of this day, and for the sealing of the energies of karma which will also be transmuted by the light that is given forth.

If you develop the momentum to commune with God in the evening, then upon awakening you will be the recipient of God’s momentum and you will find that you will not merely deal with planetary energies misqualified, or your own karma, but you will have poured out to you in abundant measure the Lord’s blessing, the very answer to your call, even the call that is answered before you call. You see, then, that in continuing the momentum through the day, you are always building the momentum for the uphill climb, and the uphill climb is the very moment of awakening when you must bear the karma of the day.

Now, I say, be masters of life before your ascension!  Be masters here and now!  Dare the Great Law to prove to you the very answer that life brings forth–that you are limitless, God-free beings here and now!  Only the change of the dial of consciousness here below to recognize this one great truth, this one great fact of existence. It is this that Morya and Saint Germain and Mary would give to you as our Christmas gift this holy season. It is the God-realization of the birth of the Christ within you, of new beginnings in this hour; for a very special cycle has begun on this December 24 which has now become December 25.

And so I send forth to you a flash of light from my heart. It leaps into your heart now as the jewel of my heart transmits to the jewel of your heart a special love that is a very special awareness of your own soul identity, which I have been contemplating this evening as you have patiently kept the vigil of the flame of Christ. Truly it is the vigil of the flame of a planet and a people and of solstice and of the white fire core.

And for America, it is a half-year’s turn since the celebration of 200 years. America is the newborn child rocked in the cradle of Mary. Mary holds the soul of America, even as Mary has given to the Mother the soul of the Christ, the soul of the babe, the soul that is to become one with the Spirit in the alchemical marriage.


This dictation by Lanello was dictated to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Pasadena, California, on December 25, 1976 (12:14-12:53 a.m. PST).

1. John 14:26.

2. 1 John 4:1.

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