Lecture: The Practical Art of Living a Spiritual Life

Given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

During the Everyday Spirituality Weekend Seminar, at the Wyndham Hotel, San Diego California, a part of the ongoing West Coast Stump

April 12, 1997

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“Again, it gives me great joy to welcome you to our seminar and specifically to this lecture that I’m delivering in this section of our Teachings.

When I pondered and I meditated on what I should bring to the souls of light in California and the world, I realized that the one thing that is missing in our spiritual life is practicality.  Often we are simply not practical about how our spiritual life should be lived.  If we are practical in all other things, then we must surely be practical in our spiritual lives.  Not by rote do we say our prayers but by the understand­ing of the science of the spoken Word.

So I’d like to introduce myself as Elizabeth Clare Prophet and welcome you to my workshop on this subject, “The Practical Art of Living a Spiritual Life.”

We’re here because, at one time or another, we’ve all had a peak spiritual experience.  How many of you have had a peak spiritual experience in your life that you can remember, that God saved you or your child?  Once you have such an experience, there is a tug on your heart string and you want to keep following it, pulling in the rope, getting closer and closer and back to that peak experience.  Perhaps we knew it as a profound sense of inner peace.  Or a deep communion with nature.  Or even a spiritual ecstasy.  Maybe it happened during a meditation after a long trek into the wilderness.  Or after a fast in support of Tibetan refugees.  Or when you first fell in love.  But that feel­ing—whatever it was­—just didn’t last long enough.  And you were left wondering how to recapture the moment.

How do we sustain that inner peace and clarity of mind?  How do we endow our family life, our relationships and our work with a spiritual flame?  Without living a spiritual flame daily, it as though the flame has gone out, snuffed out somehow.

How do we tap our inner resources to handle stress and overcome the blocks to our creativity?  That’s what we’re going to explore this weekend.  I’ve been pursuing the art of everyday spirituality all of my life.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t walking and talking with God.  As a child, my spiritual quest took me to the churches of my own hometown in Red Bank, New Jersey.  Later, I took up the study of the world’s major religions,  and ultimately my search brought me to the feet of the Ascended Masters.

The Ascended Masters are the great saints of all time who have attained union with God.  They are our brothers and sisters on the Path. We can walk and talk with them.  We can go to them in our deepest sorrow and our highest joys.

These saints have emerged out of the spiritual traditions of East and West.  Each has something uniquely compelling to teach us about everyday spirituality.  I don’t believe that any one religion or person has a corner on spiritual­ity, but that we can learn something from everyone– simply because we are all endowed by God with a divine spark.  It’s like climbing a mountain.  There are many ways to climb to the summit of being.  Each path up the mountain will give you a different perspective of that summit—a new way of understanding who God is and who you are.  We are climbing that mountain every day— not just when we’re taking time out to meditate in the mountains or run along the beach at sunset.  Spirituality is an everyday affair.  It is an every-moment affair.  It is an affair of the heart.  It is the breath that we breathe.  It is the presence of the Holy Spirit that comes upon us because we love one another and we love God.

What does it mean to live a spiritual life? And what is spirituality? The word “spirit” comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning breath, breath of a god or inspiration.  Spirituality is to the soul what the breath of life is to a newborn child.  Spirituality infuses you with joy and vigor.  It gives you peace and purpose.  It empowers you to love and nourish yourself and others.  Spirituality is being able to sustain a working relationship with God.  Can you sustain that relationship?  We can sustain it if we are right with God.  But if we are ashamed of ourselves, then we do not go to God.  And that gap may continue for months and years until we come back to the altar of the heart, that place of our Holy Christ Self.

It doesn’t matter whether you call that God the Higher Self, the Inner Light, the Buddha, the Tao or Brahman.  It’s time for you to get in touch and stay in touch with the universal power of God.  It is probably the easiest and simplest thing that you and I can do.  But because we think it is so complicated, we just don’t do it.

When we talk about everyday spirituality, we’re really talking about spiritual empowerment.  Have you been empowered by God?  Have you decided to empower yourself and cast out all of the fears and doubts you have about yourself?

Spiritual empowerment gives us the zeal, the will, the determination to internalize the God who is already within us.   Spiritual empowerment starts with knowing:  Who am I?  Where am I going?  And how do I get there?

The Chart of Your Divine Self helps you answer these questions.  It’s a diagram  of the components of your inner divinity.  God created you and he created you in this fashion, and this portrait rece, reveals it to you.  The Chart of the I AM Presence is a portrait of you and the God within you.  See the lower figure in the Chart standing in the violet flame. That is you and that is God’s gift to you.  See the chakras.  See your Holy Christ Self in the center, the central figure on the Chart.  That is your Mentor, your Teacher, your guardian angel.  And at the top is the I AM Presence, the manifestation of God.

Spheres within spheres of those rings are a part of you.  That is your Great Causal Body where all of the good where you have ever done is stored.  The negatives collect in the human being at the lower part of the Chart.  And the Christ in the center is our Mediator before both.

This is an outline of your potential to fully become who you really are.  Who are you?  You are a child of God.   You have a divine nature right now.  You don’t have to go out and get it.  It is in you.  But you need to water it as precious flowers in springtime.

You have a divine nature and a direct relationship to God.   The I AM THAT I AM is the one who is personified for each of us.  We call it the I AM Presence.  I AM THAT I AM is the name God revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai.   And he is still re, giving to you that same revelation of you, you on Mount Sinai, you with Moses, you one with the only one and true God who has divided himself so that each one of us has the manifestation of his Presence.

Your I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres of pulsating energy that make up your Causal Body.  That is part of your Causal Body enlarged that you see on the screen.  These spheres contain the re­cord of the good works you have performed to the glory of God and the blessing of your fellowman since your very first incarnation on earth.  Your personal stamp is imprinted on your Causal Body.  It’s like we’re all snowflakes.  There aren’t any two alike.  God created each one of us so lovingly and so carefully that some portion of himself should grow and mature within us.

The middle figure in the Chart represents the Higher Self, the Holy Christ Self.  Your Holy Christ Self is your chief guardian angel and your dearest friend.  This is the friend that God has given to you who will walk and talk with you.  When you have profound sorrow, extreme pain, losses that come to you and grief, the Holy Christ Self will walk and talk with you, will comfort you and console you.  Those who think they are alone know not the truth.  The truth is that you are never alone.  Your Holy Christ Self is always with you.

But we have to have a listening ear.  We have to tune into that Holy Christ Self and realize that we are not miserable sinners.  Yes, we may have broken the rules.  Yes, we may have committed some things of which we are ashamed.  But God in his merciful forgiveness brought to us his living Son and gave to us the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  He also gave to us Gautama Buddha, Zoroaster, and all the great ones who have founded the world’s major religions.

So let us not feel that we are disenfranchised, that God has given up on us.  It is we who have given up on God.  And with a practical spirituality, we can gain that back this very day.

This is the still small voice that we must listen to.  As I was listening to the news last evening, I said to myself, “I have to turn off the news because I am not hearing my Holy Christ Self and I must be hearing my Holy Christ Self.”

Your Holy Christ Self gives, unerring direction if you will tune into him.  How many of you have heard that still small voice within give you a directive and you have decided not to be obedient to that directive and then seen the consequences?  And, oh, how burdened we are.  We say to ourselves, “I should have done what my Holy Christ Self told me to.  I should have listened to my inner voice.”

Gandhi once said that “the only tyrant I accept in this world is the ‘still small voice’ within.”  What he meant was that if we’re going to listen to that still small voice, we are going to have to be obedient to him.  So he saw that still small voice as the one who would keep him on course.

The goal for each of us is to imitate our inner Christ, to be his mirror image.  That’s exactly what Jesus did.  And that’s why Jesus was  called “the Christ.”  He fully embodied his Holy Christ Self.  As Paul said of Jesus: “In him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.”

The shaft of white light descending from the I AM Pres­ence to the lower figure is the crystal cord.  Through this cord , the umbilical cord, God’s energy flows through you perpetually—  from the hour of birth to the hour of death.  God’s energy is flowing through you right now.  Without the crystal cord, you wouldn’t have life or breath or spirituality.

The lower figure in the Chart represents you on the spiritual path.  This is how you can look if you want to—with the violet flame filling your aura.  See the violet flame around this chakra man.  The chakras are placed over him.  The center is the heart chakra, the twelve-petaled chakra.  The base of the spine is the chakra of the Divine Mother, the crown of the Divine Father.  Each one of those chakras represent a different plane of your being.  Each color indicates a certain vibration that is necessary to life.  When we balance our chakras, we have a balance and a wholeness within ourselves.  When we get out of alignment of those chakras, then we go off in directions that we are not able to tether to.  We get too far out from the center of our universe.

Whenever you are burdened, always remember to go back to the center and the center is your heart chakra.  And you can see the threefold flame within it.  If we are centered, we will not fail.  If we are not centered and we go out in extremes, we are likely to lose that point of reality that keeps us on course.

The violet flame is a high-frequency spiritual energy that transmutes negative karma.  Surrounding the violet flame is the white light.  The white light is your shield and armour.  Call it forth to protect you from harm.  Simply say, “Mighty I AM Presence, I call upon the white light to protect me from harm.”  It’s a simple fiat.  When we say it, the power of that word goes forth and the command is answered by God’s angels.

The threefold flame pulsates in the secret chamber of your heart.  You can see it just to the right of that heart. Your threefold flame is also called the divine spark.  God has transmitted this flame from his heart to yours.  It is the seed of your divinity.  Buddhists describe it  as the Buddha nature, Hindus as the Atman and Kabbalists as the Neshama.

Both Buddhists and Christian gnostics use the image of “the gold in the mud” to describe this spiritual essence that lives inside of us.  They say the gold of our spirit may be covered over by the mud of the world, but that mud doesn’t destroy the spirit.  In other words, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through in this life or past lives.  It doesn’t matter  what other people say about you.  You still have a beautiful, everlasting spark of God right inside of you.   That spark is eternal.   Your spark is the chalice of your spirituality.

So we’ve talked about who you are.   Let’s talk again about the destiny of your soul.   Let’s talk about where you are going and how you can get there.  Your soul is the feminine aspect of your being.   But did you know that your soul is mortal? Our souls are not mortal.  Why are they not mortal?  When we were created as twin flames out of the fiery ovoid of being, we went forth, male and female, as God created us.  There came a time after many thousands of years that we left that place of perfection and beauty and allowed ourselves to be tempted and to be taunted and to be drawn down in to the physical earth by fallen angels as well as aliens.

When we began to get involved with fallen angels and aliens, we were led astray.  Our souls were not tough enough to see through them or to challenge them.  At that point, the soul lost her immortality.  For God could not convey mortality, immortality to us if we did not have allegiance to him and if we could not extricate ourselves from the fallen ones.

We, then, have been wrestling through this for many, many thousands of years, wrestling with the fallen angels, the aliens, and attempting to get where we once were in that perfection of God.  Today our challenge is to restore ourselves through the help of God with our immortality.  Only when we become immortal can we once again regain the kingdom of heaven.

The soul’s reason for being is to perfect herself so that she may  attain union with God and become immortal.  This is the ascension process. We didn’t need the ascension process before we fell.  It is when we descended into imperfection that God had to lead us back home through this ascension process.

So there are requirements for your ascension. And let us again define the ascension as your soul’s union with God whereby you become an immortal and continue in your immortality forever.

So the first requirement of this ascension, of going back to God, is that you must become one with your Holy Christ Self.  This means that your soul has become the mirror of your Christ Self.

Second: you need to balance at least 51 percent of your karma.  Negative karma is what we have been making for centuries and for thousands of years.  Positive karma we have also made.  And it is the positive karma that rises into our Causal Body and that is where we keep our treasures in heaven.

Until the last half of this century, the Ascended Masters and all those who would become Ascended Masters had to balance 100 percent of their karma.  This was so difficult for the average person on planet earth who had no idea of what intense work it is to attain that goal that very, very, very few people actually balanced a hundred percent of their karma.

So within the last fifty years, the Lords of Karma gave an edict of profound mercy and they said, “If you will balance 51 percent of your karma, we will accept that and receive you into heaven, nevermore to go out again.”  This is truly a stupendous offering of God because it gives opportunity to those who would never make it otherwise.  And that is most of us.

So as you enter this path, you will hear about this 51 percent of your karma from many sources.  The Ascended Masters teach it often.  When you have balanced that much of karma and you sustain it, you can walk the earth for decades, if you happen to be young when you accomplish that, right on into advanced ages.

Having balanced this, you have a guarantee that, come what may, you will attain union with God.  If you go back on that and decide to sin again and get into negativity, you may lose some of what you have already balanced.  So we need to guard the good karma we have made and to accelerate in transmuting our negative karma.

So balancing of 51 percent means that you have transmuted and put to constructive use 51 percent of the energy God has given you from the very beginning when he created you.

Third:  you must fulfill your mission on earth—your reason for being. Each one of you is unique.  You have a very special calling.  You have something you must do that no one else but you can do on planet earth.  And God is counting on you to make that happen.  It’s wonderful to feel that we are so unique that God loves us most especially and specifically for one particular assignment that he has given to us.  It could be anything that you are thinking about, whether the arts, science, education, all the various areas of learning.  Whatever it is, when you are led to that, then that becomes your reason for being.

People ask me, “Well, how do I know what is my divine plan, what I should be doing, what God wants me to do?”  What I have found out is that when you discover your passion, that is the calling from God.  Your passion is something that is so overwhelming, so powerful, so dynamic you live and breathe and think it night and day.  It becomes your all-consuming passion.

Through this weekend, try thinking about what is your all-consuming passion.  What is the one pearl of great price for which you would give up everything else to be able to fulfill your passion.  When you find that, you will be joyous unto your ultimate victory.

Every one of you has a singular mission to fulfill on earth.   And your mission must be that passion , one and the same.  One of the keys to everyday spiritual­ity is to find and live  your passion– to wake up in the morning and say, “I’ve got to get going!  I have to get this job done!  I’m so excited about this project!”  It’s the kind of thing that literally consumes one.

The Ascended Master El Morya— known to students of Theosophy as the Master M.—says your mission “involves perfecting the talents that God has placed within your soul.” 4  He says, “The purpose of life is to find God— in yourself, in your talents, in your calling and in your sacred labor.”  If you know you have a labor but you don’t know quite how to get a hold of it, go back to school.  Get into your field.  Move to the top of your field so that the passion that you have in your being you can put to practical action.

Your passion “is to endow anything that you do with God’s own Spirit.”

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna counsels the warrior Arjuna:  “One’s own dharma (or mission), even when not done perfectly, is better than someone else’s dharma, even though well performed.”   El Morya puts it this way:  “One’s own canoe, though full of holes, is better than another’s ship.  We value sailing only in one’s own boat.”

Some people take the easy way out.  They take jobs only for the money or for the convenience.  They don’t think about their job as the passion of their soul. What is going to make the soul come alive?  It’s going to be that passion, that zeal that says, “I have to complete this, this action from this day on to the fulfillment of my holy purpose.”

Ask yourself right now and keep asking yourself through this seminar :

  • What is your soul passion?
  • What is your special talent?
  • How can you refine it and perfect it?
  • How can you make the most outstanding contribu­tion to your community and your world?

Finding and fulfilling your mission is one way to infuse spiritual­ity  into your everyday life.  But even when we’re working at something we love to do, it’s not easy.  People often ask me: How can I find inner peace midst outer turmoil?  How can I handle the stresses and problems that come up during the day and still keep my spiritual attunement?  How can I be spiritual when my computer just crashed– for the fifth time today.  When my accountant breaks the news that the 1500-dollar tax refund that I already spent didn’t come through after all.  Or when I have to work overtime and my two-year-old is waiting at home with a temperature of 104 degrees.

Well, I’m going to give you 14 keys you can use to spiritualize your life every day.

Number 1.  The first Key to Everyday Spirituality: Establish a morning ritual of talking to God.  When you open your eyes in the morning, you should already be talking to God.  You should already be remembering the last sentence you spoke before you woke up.  You can come so close to God that you and God are one.

So before you take up the newspaper or think about the problems of the day or what was left over from yesterday and so forth, seek God’s guidance and protection for yourself, for those whom you are responsi­ble.  Your morning communion with God doesn’t have to take a long time.  You can do it alone, or you can do it with your family.  But just be sure that you do it.

If you establish a connection with God first thing, you’ll find it much easier to reconnect during the day.  Your day will go much better.  Let me step you through it.  First, we set up an altar in your home— even if it’s in a closet.  Jesus said we should pray in our closet.  I had a not-so-big closet in my house and I used to pray in there night and day.  And it would get hot and it would get cold.

Mark Prophet did the same thing.  He was my late husband who founded The Summit Lighthouse and this organization.  And he used to go up in his attic in the freezing cold or in the hot of summer but he would do it every day.  He would do it every morning.  He would do it three times a day.  And before he was eighteen years old, God gave him the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.  You can also receive those nine gifts.

So the altar is the place of alteration.  It’s the place of alchemy.  It’s the place of change.

On your altar you can put candles in honor of your favorite saint, in honor of your I AM Presence; crystals, flowers, photo­graphs of saints and those for whom you regularly pray.  Put pictures of your children and loved ones.  Or take a collective picture where masses of people are on the screen and pray for all of them.

Keep the room well-lit, clean and aired.  Poor lighting is , dust, untidi­ness and stale air impede the flow of spiritual energy.

When your altar is set, sit before it on a chair or in the lotus posture.  Meditate on the threefold flame that burns in the secret chamber of your heart. That threefold flame you see in the center of the lower figure in the Chart and I think we have a slide of it.   Your threefold flame is the part of you that is God.  Thank God we have a threefold flame.  We must tend it.  We must balance it.

Commune with God or the saints.  Tell God how much you love him.  Send him waves of intense love and gratitude.  Invite angels and Ascended Masters into your life to help you achieve your spiritual and material goals for the day.  Take time to write down your goals.  When you have concrete goals in mind, you can galvanize your own forces as well as the heavenly forces to make your dreams a reality.   You can prayr and off, you can offer a prayer to God very simply.  Think at this moment what is the most urgent need of your life or you family.


Beloved Father-Mother God, help me in this hour.  Help me with my children.  Bring me to the fount of reality that I might bring others into thy wholeness.  O living God, hear my call.  Bless all people on earth and all systems of worlds, worlds without end.  In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mother, I accept this done this hour in full power, Amen.

You can also say, “In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Archangel Michael, I command you to remove all obstacles to the victory of my soul  in this life.”  It says in the Book of Corinthians that we must command angels.  God has told us he authorizes us to command the angels.  The Archangels are the servants of God’s sons and daughters.

God has said to us, “Command ye me.”  So when we give a call to Archangel Michael and we command him to go forth and bind the forces of evil in Bosnia, we know that that call is answered.  It’s answered by our conviction, by the deep heartfelt prayer.  And it’s also answered because we have a momentum on prayer.  A momentum on prayer means we pray every day.  Moslems pray five times a day.  We can pray at least once or twice a day.

When we have a momentum on prayer, the moment we open our mouths, those angels are there, writing down with their scribes next to them exactly the assignment that we are giving to those angels.  God gave us angels.  We must call upon them.  We cannot make it without them.

This is another prayer.

“Beloved Holy Christ Self, I ask you to teach me how to be more loving and kind today and not to become angry or frustrated— no matter what!”

The more specific your prayers are, the more specific will be the results.  If you ask your angel to bake a cake, the angel will bake a cake.  If you ask the angel to bake a chocolate cake, the angel will bake a chocolate cake.  The more specific you are, it’s like doing a prayer concept on the wall where you map out everything that you want to have happen in your life in a certain way, in a certain situation, and then you keep going back to that and giving your prayers to God that it might be realized physically.

The next thing we do, number 6, is to face the altar and give our prayers using accelerated prayer patterns knowing, known as “decrees.”  Decrees are the most effective use of the spoken Word of all prayer forms.

So let me take a moment and talk to you about the creative power of sound and how you can tap into it every day.  Scientific studies point to what the sages knew:  Sound can both create matter and change matter.  And sound can create spiritual and material changes in our lives.  Hindu and Buddhist mystics have used mantras for protection, for inspiration and to bring them closer to God.  When the Israelites “shouted with a great shout,” the wall of Jericho came tumbling down.  Imagine the power of sound of that great shout.

At Jesus’ command, the sick were healed, the foul spirits expelled by Jesus’ spoken Word– by the momentum of his Word, the power of his Word, the holiness of his Word .  The man lame from birth walked for the first time when Peter commanded, “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!”  And we all know that the man rose up and walked. These weren’t just miracles — or figments of someone’s imagination.  They were scientific proof of the creative power of sound.

Every day health practi­tioners are discovering more and more about the healing power of sound.  Ultrasound (high-pitched sound waves) is being used for everything from cleaning wounds to diagnosing tumors to pulveriz­ing kidney stones.  Someday it may even be used to inject drugs into the body.

The music of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven has a range of positive effects, including temporarily raising IQ, expanding memory and speeding learning.  Some alternative medical practition­ers are experiment­ing with using specific tones to heal the organs.

For hundreds of years, monks of the Benedictine order have kept a rigorous schedule, sleeping only a few hours a night and chanting from six to eight hours a day.  When a new abbot changed the schedule and cut out the chanting, the monks became tired and lethargic. 10  In 1967, Alfred Tomatis, a physician, psychologist and ear specialist, was called in to find out what went wrong.  He reintroduced chanting, along with a program of listening to stimulat­ing sounds, and the monks soon found the energy to return to their normal schedule.  In other words, chanting energized their bodies.

Unknowingly, when I was a teenager, I was experimenting with sound. It first started when I was at home and then when I went to college.  I found myself in Ohio.  It was winter break and I decided, after all, I wanted to go home back to New Jersey, to my own hometown.

So everybody, it seemed, was already leaving and I didn’t know where I was going to find a ride.  So I decided to make a call.  I wasn’t really thinking about the power of sound.  I went up four flights of stairs.  I was at the top of my dorm.  And I called out to God and I called with a very intensity and a power and I asked God to send me someone who would drive me from Ohio to my doorstep in New Jersey.

At that point, I, I walked up the stairs to pack my things.  And then I went over to the cafeteria and there was an Air Force man from Wright-Patterson Air Force base and he was offering anybody a ride back to New Jersey.  And I said, “Oh, I need a ride.  I’m going to go back with you.  Is that all right?”  He said, “Fine,” you know.  He was looking for company on that drive.

And I realized that this was the power of sound.  I didn’t offer a quiet prayer.  I called out and it resonated in that stairwell.  And there I was on my way home.

What was most amusing is that all my dorm sisters said, “How can you do this?  You’ve never even seen this man before!  How do you know you’re going to be safe?”  Well, I simply said to them that I knew I would be safe because I knew how I was getting where I was going.

So throughout the trip, I slept all the way home after finals.  But each time I woke up during that trip, I was pondering the science of what had just happened.

I had another experience before I went to college that was very similar.  This time I consciously knew I was going out into our garden.  I made a call to God for a very specific event to happen that was just and should have happened.  I went into the house.  The phone rang and what was supposed to happen, happened.

After those two episodes, I began to realize that, when used constructively, every individual on this planet can change by the alchemy of God his point of reference, his point of manifestation, can invoke sufficient power to heal his four lower bodies, to heal the mind, to do anything we have to do.  The question is, will we give forth the power of sound that is the sound of the Word in the Beginning with God, from the very point of origin.  Do we have the courage and the sustaining power to believe in that Word, to call upon it, and therefore to receive an answer.

After I was at Boston University in Massachussetts, this is the third episode that happened.  I was looking all over for Saint Germain.  I took coop jobs from Antioch College.  I went here, there and everywhere.  I was in New England.  I graduated from Boston University.  I came to the place and the time when action was building up in Cuba.  I could see what was happening with Castro.  I was, I could see what was happening to that area.  And I knew that I had to do something about it and I knew that I had to do whatever I was going to do through God.

And so, by this time, I had several more experiences.  So on this occasion, I went up to the top floor of my apartment, then went up the steps, onto the roof, looked up into the sky and I said, “Saint Germain! I know you’re up there!  You’ve got to come and get me NOW!”  I was absolutely convinced that Saint Germain was going to come and get me right then and there.

It didn’t take more than a few months.  Not only did Saint Germain come; El Morya came and he said, “Go to Boston.  I have need of a feminine Messenger.”  Morya is the Ascended Master who is very brief.  When he gives a command, you bey, you obey it or he may leave you behind somewhere on the road.

So, out of those calls and a number of others that came to me over the years, I realized that this power is enough to change the world, to bring us all back to God, to have our souls become immortal, to become who we really are, to be fully satisfied in our beings that at the conclusion of this life, no matter what its end, we shall have fulfilled our mission and that we can go home to God with honors.  That is our calling.  That is what we must do.  And that is what I want to continue talking to you about because I think that most people in this world have lost the sense of their own empowerment.  And when we lose that sense, we feel helpless.  Then we feel hopeless.  And then there is nothing we can do.  So we need to get out of that.  And that’s why we’re together today.

Spoken prayer is at the heart of the world’s religions.  But the science of the spoken Word as the Ascended Masters teach it is a step-up of all prayer forms East and West.  It combines prayers, mantras, affirma­tions and meditations with what are called “dynamic decrees.”  Prayer, meditation and decrees are ways of plugging into God and your own Higher Self.  And there is a time and a place to practice each type of devotion.

But no matter what spiritual path you follow, you can benefit from  adding decrees to your devotions– because decrees are the most power­ful  method of accessing the power of God.  Why?  Because that power is the Word with God in the Beginning.  In the Beginning was the Word.  The Word was God, the Word was with God, and all things were made by him and not was there anything else that was made.

That is why we use the Word, because God himself used it.  God showed us how he created the heavens and the earth in seven days.  He did it with Word.  He said, “Let there be light!”  And there was light.  And the evening and the morning were the first day.

So going back to the Word, we understand that God gave us that Word as his empowerment.  Let no man take from you your empowerment this day to be one with your Holy Christ Self.
You and God are partners. As the L ord said to Job, “Thou shalt make thy prayer unto the Almighty, and he shall hear thee….Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee.”  Think about that.  “In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, I decree absolute God-victory for the United States of America.  And I accept it done this hour in full power, Amen.”  Whatever decree you make, God multiplies it and sends it forth.  And it’s like it plays over and over and over again on the ethers, like an echo.

Isaiah says:  “Thus saith the L ord , the Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, ‘Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.’”  God is telling you that he wants you to command him to work his works on earth.  Does everybody understand that?  That is a tremendous gift.  It’s a liberation.  It is that empowerment.  God is saying to us, “Ask me of things to come con, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me.”

Why don’t each of you now give a command to God.  We’re not used to commanding God but the Bible says we should do it.


In the name of Almighty God, command ye me!  I call to you now, O living God.  Deliver us from temptation.  Raise us up into the heights of our own God Presence.  Let us have our victory in this life.  We claim it.  We accept it done this hour in full power, Amen.

Now let me hear you speak with the authority of God within you.  Won’t you stand in his honor.  Everyone’s going to shout his own prayer.

[Individual fiats given:]

Mighty I AM Presence from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun, bolts of blue lightning, penetrate through!  bolts of blue lightning, penetrate through!
Blaze the blue lightning of the Mind of God.  Blaze the blue lightning of the Mind of God.  Blaze the light through!  Blaze the light through!  Blaze the light through!
Bolts of blue lightning descend!  Bolts of blue lightning descend!  Bolts of blue lightning descend!  Sheets of white fire and blue lightning descend.  Let the will of God be done.

I’m going to ask you to do that twice as loud now.  This is a command, a powerful command.  Let’s hear it again.  [Individual fiats given, much louder.]

Very good, very good.  Now I’d like you who use the science of the spoken Word in this manner to remain standing and those of you who’ve not used it much yet to be seated.  So the standing ones are those who have been giving this power of the Word.  That’s quite a number of you.  Have you seen your whole life change as a result of this?  [“Yes!”  applause]  Good.

OK.  Please be seated.

So I’m going to be showing you how to access the power of God with affirma­tions and decrees.  I have also published a booklet on “The Creative Power of Sound” and it will give you the how-to techniques in detail.

Getting back to the morning ritual of decrees, when you stand before your altar always begin by giving the tube-of-light mantra and decrees to Archangel Michael. This will establish a forcefield of protection around you.  The tube of light can help you stay centered and at peace.  It guards you from energies of malice that may be directed at you through someone’s anger, condemna­tion, hatred or jealousy.  When you are unpro­tected, those vibrations can make you irritable or depressed.  They can even cause you  to have accidents.

Give your tube of light mantra each morning and repeat it as needed  throughout the day.  The tube of light mantra is part of the Heart, Head and Hand Decrees.  I’d like to invite you to give this “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees,” in your booklet, page 2.  Again, we stand in honor of our Mighty I AM Presence.

We give “Heart” three times, “Head” three times, and “Hand” three times.  Take a deep breath.

* [“Heart” section of decree 1.30, “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees,” given 3 times, led by Messenger; “Head” section given 3 times; “Hand” section given 3 times.]

Let’s put on our tube of light in the secret chamber of the heart.  Together.

* [“Tube of Light” section of decree 1.30 given 3 times, led by Messenger.]

Thank you.  Please be seated.

Traveling protection, “Traveling Protection.”  This is on page 1, bottom of the first column.  [Messenger speaks to A.V. personnel.]  Let’s give our morning call to Archangel Michael and let’s repeat it and reinforce it throughout the day when things start getting heavy and out of control.

Now, this is a command to an Archangel.  God has empowered us to command the Archangels.  So this is how we say it, together.

* [Decree 6.05, “Traveling Protection,” given 3 times with clapping, led by Messenger.]

If you don’t have time to d, to do all your decrees in the morning,  do them in your car on the way to work.   Just find the moments and do them.

Our second Key to Everyday Spiritual­ity is :  Simplify and focus. Simplify and focus.   Learn to streamline your life.  Set priorities—  both spiritual and material.  You can’t do everything in this life.  So decide what are the three or five most important things that you want to conclude in this life.

Consider seriously:  What should I be doing with my life?  What is my greatest talent?  How can I capitalize on it?  What is the greatest stumbling block to my spiritual progress?  How can I get rid of it?  Then sit down and write your priorities in descending order.  Revisit this list periodically, because your priorities will evolve.  Don’t forget to list the spiritual goals you are working towards:  Do you want to become more patient?  Do you want to open your heart more?  Get rid of anger or pride?

Now look at your list of spiritual and material goals and ask yourself:  Are these goals valid?  Are they worth the expenditure of energy?  Will they take me where I want to go?  Then eliminate activities  that don’t contribute to your goals.  This sounds obvious, but a lot of people waste precious time and energy simply because they don’t put first things first.

If you don’t know where you are going, how are you going to get there?   And when you do, and when you do too many things at once, how can you do any one thing magnificently?  After all, why live at all if you aren’t going to live magnificently?   Magnificently.

Third Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Listen to God.   Listen to God and keep listening.  And you’re going to be surprised when he answers you, you hear him, he hears you and the connection is strong.

As you go through your day, keep one ear inclined to your duties on earth and one ear attuned to God.  If you’re not listening to God with one ear, you’re going to miss something precious that he wants to tell you.

Brother Lawrence, a seventeenth-century lay Carmel­ite, called this the practice of the Presence of God.  He wrote:  “I concentrate on being always in [God’s] holy presence.  I keep myself in His presence by simple attentiveness and a loving gaze upon God— or, to put it more clearly, an habitual, silent and secret conversation of the soul with God.” 14  He said that the enemy that keeps us from constant conversation with God is “useless thoughts.” 15  Get rid of useless thoughts.  They’re like weeds in the garden.  We don’t need those useless thoughts.

Brother Lawrence said, “In the noise and clatter of my kitchen,” he said, “while several persons are at the same time calling for different things, I possess God in as great tranquillity as if I were upon my knees  at the blessed sacra­ment.” 16

Likewise, Saint Teresa of Avila said:  “[The Lord ] walks among the pots and pans, helping you both interiorly and exteriorl­y.”   The Hindu saint Ramakrishna once asked: “Do you know what a spiritual mood is? Establishing a relationship with God and keeping it right before our eyes at all times– at the time of eating, drinking, sitting, sleeping– is what is called a spiritual mood.”   Keep that mood.  And when it has been taken from you, get back to it.  Devel, develop an onlo, develop an ongoing dialogue with your Holy Christ Self.

As part of the third key of listening to God, we’re going to remain seated and sing the “Introit to the Holy Christ Self.”   It’s page 6, number 20.

* [Song 29 ( Angels no. 20), “Introit to the Holy Christ Self,” sung.]

Fourth Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Let your spiritual self do the work.   Let, let – allow your Holy Christ Self to do the work.   Lao Tze taught:  “Act without doing.  Work without effort.” 19   This sounds like a Zen koan.  But what Lao Tze meant was that the lesser self, the ego, should get out of the way and allow the greater self, your spiritual self, to act through you.  To integrate more spiritual ly into your life, consciously allow your spiritual self to express through you.  It’s an attitude and  a state of mind.  Just let God pass through you his Holy Spirit.

My late husband and teacher Mark Prophet taught that the answer you’re looking for is inside of you— and we just published a book of his by that name.  An eighteenth-century 20 Hasidic teacher 21 taught that the essence of devotion and spiritual practice was under­standing that “all one’s physi­cal and mental powers and one’s essential being are depen­dent on the divine elements within.  One is simply a channel for the divine attributes.”  Simi­larly, Jesus taught:  “I can of mine own self do nothing. It is the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.”  So let’s let God into our temples.  Let him be us, in us.

Fifth Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Call the angels and Ascended Masters into action in your life.  They are only waiting for you to give them assign­ments.  For instance, if the thought comes to you, just say, “Mighty I AM Presence, I command you!  Go to all of the children’s hospitals in California and heal those children.”  That took about three seconds or four seconds.  We shouldn’t waste time or breath.  We should give fiats every time we think of something because when we think of something, it’s an angel saying, “I need to go and accomplish this assignment.  Call on me.  Command me to do this so that I can go and do it.”

Send your angels everywhere.  There are billions of angels.  They will not tire out.  They will be there.  If you think of a loved one and that one is burdened, immediately give a ten-word, a five-word prayer and then know that your prayer was instantaneously fulfilled by God and hold onto that vision.

According to God’s laws, he and his heavenly represen­tatives may not intefe, intervene in human affairs unless we specifi­cally ask them to.  That is because when God created us, he gave us free will and he respects that free will. There’s no problem too big or too small to assign to the angels.   Each of the Seven Archangels and his legions specialize in certain jobs.

My booklet “How to Work with Angels” describes in more detail how you can develop a relationship with each of the Archangels.  You can offer quick simple prayers that will bring the angels right into your home and your workplace.

This is not the time to be meek!  Speak with authority.  Give these calls as powerful commands to your Mighty I AM Presence.  The greater your fervor the greater will be the response from heaven.

One of the calls we give to Archangel Michael in any kind of a tough situation is simply “Archangel Michael, Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!  Archangel Michael, Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!  Archangel Michael, Help Me! Help Me! Help Me!”  It will not fail.  The Archangel will be at your side.

Observe what then is the consequence when you do that three times.

Now we’re on page 1, number 2.  The decree is “I AM Presence, Thou Art Master.” This is one we’ll give standing and we’ll give it with all the lung power we can muster.  We are declaring that the I AM Presence is the Master of our life.  God is the Master of our life.  Now we affirm it.

* [Decree 10.11 ( Angels no. 2), “I AM Presence, Thou Art Master” given 5 times with clapping, led by Messenger.]

Thank you.  Please be seated.  [Messenger speaks to A.V. personnel.]

The Sixth Key to Everyday Spirituality:  If you get off balance, quickly return to your center.  That’s the most important thing you can do when you get off balance.  Get back to center and see things clearly.   The great spiritual teachers of East and West tell us we can make the best progress by holding our harmony.  Archangel Gabriel teaches this technique:   He says, “Go within to the great sphere of light that envelops your heart.  From that vantage, be an observer of the passing scene rather than a cork bobbing upon the waves.” 23

When things go wrong, and you’re out of sorts, how do you get back to center?  Any time you feel negative energy moving in, stop what you’re doing and take a break. Intensify the white light around you by giving   the tube of light mantra– and hold a strong mental image of that white light.

Your tube of light is your fortress.  If your forcefield is assailed, you may also need to take time out to give decrees to Archangel Michael , just as we just gave them.  If you’re working in an office, take a little walk in a park nearby.  Take time out.  People take time out for coffee breaks and other kinds of breaks.  You have to take that time out and go and center yourself.

Whenever you lose your temper, ask for forgiveness from God and from those you were angry with.  If you have a habit of getting angry as a way of solving problems, one thing you can do is take a serious look at your diet and at your psychology.  A toxic liver may be the source of ill-temper and aggression.  You only have one liver.  So take care of it!  If you want to get in tune and stay in tune with your body, and keep a healthy liver, eliminate alcohol, recreational drugs, caffeine, soft drinks or fatty foods, such as red meat and dairy products.  All of those are no-nos.

On the spiritual path, diet is crucial.  You are what you eat! Balance is the key. In all things, including diet, stay centered.  If you are a vegetarian and your diet is composed mostly of raw fruits and vegetables with little protein or grains, you will eventually be off center, both physically and spiri­tually.  Eating too much refined sugar and fruits, and too many hot, spicy foods can cause you to become lethargic, unfocused, nervous and pessimistic. In that frame of mind, the last thing you’re going to think about is giving decrees because you’re too off balance to remember that’s what you need to do.

Know your body — know what it can digest and what it can’t digest. Tailor your diet to your body’s needs.  Everyone is unique.  A balanced diet tailored for you will regulate the ups and downs of your energy levels  and your emotions.  People who are balanced in all areas of their lives are better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of karma they must deal with every day.

Since we have already our karma to deal with every day, it’s very important that we stay centered.   Do not underestimate how lethal anger can be.  Consider anger to be your most deadly enemy.  In Tibetan Buddhism it is one of the five deadly poisons that are of ultimate danger to the soul.  If you can’t deal with anger by solving, resolving the situation that I’ve just discussed in terms of your psychology and what you eat, you should really be in therapy.  Because one outburst of anger toward anyone in your life, especially when you’re on a spiritual path, is very costly to you.  You make karma, big time, when you engage in anger.

Many people take anger for granted.  We must never take it for granted.  It is a fire that will put out the soul.  If you engage in anger repetitively through your lifetime, you can lose your threefold flame.  That fri, that threefold flame may be snuffed out by your very anger.  So if this has been a problem to you, if you are imitating parents, loved ones, others whom you have known, if anger has been a way of life in your household, that is what you must tackle first, foremost, and every day.

The “Count to Nine Decree,” which is in our normal decree books, is a very important one.  It is not in this text.  Perhaps we can xerox that decree before the seminar is over.

This is a mantra to restore harmony.  It’s not in the Angels booklet.  But I’ll give it for you.  By the time I’ve given it nine times, you’ve probably will have written it down and memorized the words.

This is to the Elohim of Peace , who helps us to guard the peace of our own beings.

Beloved Elohim of Peace:
From the Zenith of the Heavens,
Pour Out the Radiant Golden Oil of Peace
Unto the Horizon of My World! (given 9 times by Messenger, joined by congregation)

Let us give the “Forgiveness” mantra from the Heart, Head and Hand decrees, page 2 number 3.

When we think of mercy and forgiveness, we think of the beloved Mother of the East, beloved Kuan Yin.  If we do not have forgiveness in our hearts every day for one another, for loved ones, for ourselves, if we fail to forgive ourselves and others, we become stuck.  We can go nowhere.  Sometimes we think we are forgiving others but in actuality we are holding back.  If we’re going to forgive, we must give that forgiveness a thousand percent.  We must not hold back.  And by and by, we shall attain to the mastery of that very quality of forgiveness.

If we fail to forgive, Jesus said we must remove ourselves from the altar and make peace with our brother.  This is a law of our Lord and Saviour.  If we abrogate it, we place ourselves outside of him and his forgiveness to us.

As we give this decree now [Messenger speaks to A.V. personnel], as we give this decree, I ask you to think of everyone that you have wronged or anyone that has wronged you and make your peace with this person or this group of people once and for all and don’t return to an attitude of nonforgiveness.  Forgiveness is the very first step on the Path.  Because God has forgiven our sins we must forgive the sins of our brethren.  So think about those that you want to restore to that flame of love and let us give this together.  Page 2, number 3.

* [“Forgiveness” section of decree 1.30, “Heart, Head, and Hand Decrees,” given 3 times, led by Messenger.]

Let us sign now to the “Prayer of Saint Francis” adapted for singing. I ask you to give your own personal and private calls, softly but aloud, before we sing this prayer.

* [Song 17 ( Angels no. 41) , “Prayer of Saint Francis,” sung with tape.]

The mantra which is on page 12 at the bottom of column one, this is, can be, can be very powerful.  The flame of peace we derive from the Elohim of Peace.  Elohim are the seven Spirits of God.  If we see that there is building turmoil, energy, anger, discord, if you think that people are so overheated that they’re going to start a physical fight, av, as we’ve seen from time to time in soccer games, et cetera– this is the mantra to be shouting in the very midst of it.  And it’s a command.  It’s a very powerful command.

This is the way we say it.

Peace, Be Still! And Know that I AM God!

That’s the power that will stop it.  Not “Peace, Be Still! And Know that I AM God” [said in monotone]  That won’t stop it.  [laughter]  You have to be willing to develop your voice box, your throat chakra, and to deliver the Word.

So let’s stand on our feet and see how much power we can put out.  And let’s say a fire has suddenly started three blocks away.  This fire is raging and it’s, it’s catching an, and across the street.  You have to imagine this, this scene so that you will know what kind of reserves you have in your body to counteract it.

I was living in Idaho on a farm for a summer.  And the way the winds came, the entire field caught fire.  And this, this fire kept moving and moving and moving.  And so I w, I would stand up against the fire and I would hold my hands up and then I would be shouting fiats such as this one into the fire.  And I would command the elementals to put out the fire.

So every time my hands would go down, the fire would increase.  Every time I would raise my hands, the fire would get less.  And so it went on for hours and I kept saying to myself, “Isn’t there anyone else here who can help me with this fire?”  [laughter]  It was, it was a very large track of land.

And so I realized that I was actually the only one there who was putting enough energy to roll back the fire and consume it and that I couldn’t leave and I had to stay there until the fire was out.

So it’s a little bit like the, the finger in the dike.  When you come upon a situation that is really intense, you have to stay with it.  You have to join the people who are doing their best, whether it’s the firema, firemen or paramedics or this or that.

So when you give a mantra, you must always have the conviction in the power of the mantra.  You have the conviction that this mantra is a chalice of worded energy that God has created and that he will come through this mantra and save us from whatever calamity.

So let’s see what we can muster.  If we can think of the worst calamity we ever had in the past or might have in the future, how will we deal with it?  We will begin with God’s peace-commanding presence.  Together.

Peace, Be Still! And Know that I AM God (given 15 times)

That’s very good.  Very good.  Remember that when you need it.  Remember it when you need it.  Very important.  Won’t you be seated.

Seventh Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Live in the present—not the past or the future.  How many of us live in the past?  We dream away and idle away things we used to do instead of getting into the present.  How ’bout the future?  Are we always thinking about what’s going to happen a week from now or a half a year from now?

We have to lock into today.  Then we have to be futurists.  We have to clearly envision what that future might be and be ready to enter it when we get there.  But by and large, we have to stay in the present, a little bit ahead of the present, because the present is no more as soon as you look at it.  The seconds are ticking off.  So live in the present and you will have your victory.

Gautama Buddha taught:  “The impulse ‘I want’  and the impulse ‘I’ll have’– lose them!  That is where most people get stuck.”   “I want” and “I’ll have.”  Gautama Buddha also said: “Renounce the craving for the past, renounce the craving for the future, renounce the craving for what is in between and cross to the opposite shore.”

What is the craving for the past?  It’s reliving the “good old days” or regretting “what might have been.”  What is the craving for the future? It’s worrying about what might happen.  It’s important to plan for the future, but when we worry about it and we get all tied up in the outcome, our energy gets all tied up too.  We need to plan, but in making our plans we also need to work hand in hand with God and turn our needs over to him.

[Messenger speaks to A.V. personnel.]

The “Transfiguring Affirmations” you will find on page 12, number 38.

What does the term “transfiguring” translate as?  To trans-figure means to create higher; “transfigure”– to be transformed, to be trans­formed.  When we say the name of God I AM, we are saying, “God in me is.”  So each time we give these affirmations, we are really saying, “God in me is.”  So let us begin now.  Together.

* [Decree 60.01 ( Angels no. 38), “Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus the Christ” given once, led by Messenger.]

Now, the Eighth Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Use every encounter and circum­stance as an opportunity to grow spiritually.  Ask yourself:  What can I learn from this encounter?  What message is God sending me that I have been neglecting for decades ?  As El Morya says:  “If the messenger be an ant, heed him.”  Life is a mirror.  People and circumstances mirror back to us the issues we need to deal with.  Hopefully we will hear the wake-up call before it’s too late.

Have you ever noticed how you keep meeting the same kinds of people and getting into the same kinds of situations until you learn a certain lesson?  Yes?  Yes! Is that true?  [“Yes.”]

For instance, if you tend to be critical, you will probably keep bumping into people who irk ar, who irk you until we learn to love everybody.  That’s practic, practically an infallible law.  If you’ve never resolved your unresolved issues with your father or mother, you will keep attracting to yourself people who are somehow like your parents.

It’s like the movie Groundhog Day.   [laughter]  You have to replay the same scene over and over and over again until you finally get it right.  Life can be a series of vicious circles until you learn life’s lessons.

The Ninth Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Practice loving-kindness toward all.  Confucius once said:  “Is there one maxim which ought to be acted upon throughout one’s whole life?  Surely it is the maxim of loving-kindness:  ‘Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you.'”

Loving-kindness goes a long, long way.  Always strive to see the good in others.  Visualize them surrounded by light, by their Higher Self and by angels.  And watch how you will reinforce all that is good and real about them– and about you.  If, on the other hand, you criticize, condemn or gossip about others, you reinforce the negatives in their personality instead of the positives.  And you will be making a lot of karma to boot.

The best byword is:  Don’t say anything about anybody that you wouldn’t say to their face.  And for every person you meet, find the nicest thing you can say about them that’s true.   And then say it.

The Tenth Key to Everyday Spirituality is:  Transmute your negative karma by giving violet-flame decrees daily.  What is karma?  Have you ever felt boxed in– as if you were in a tiny room and there was something waiting for you beyond the close walls and the low ceiling but you just couldn’t reach it?  That’s the sense of limitation that negative karma creates.  You can’t get beyond it until you break through it.

Negative karma can manifest as everything from ingrained habit patterns that keep you from getting along with others, to disease or accidents.  When karma accumulates on a world scale, it can cause calamity  and even cataclysm.

What is karma? It is a Sanskrit word meaning act, action, work or deed.  Karma is the consequences of your thoughts, words and deeds of this life and previous lives.  It’s the law of cause and effect.  As Isaac Newton said:  “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” To put it in simple terms:  What goes around comes around.  Whatever you do comes full circle to your doorstep for resolu­tion.

The reason we reincarnate lifetime after lifetime is so we can pay the debt for, or “balance,” the karma we have made with others.  How can you break through the box of your karma? You can do it with the violet flame.  The violet flame is a unique spiritual energy that transmutes, or transforms, negative karma.

How does the violet flame work?  Let me use an analogy.  As experts in the ancient Oriental art of Feng Shui know, clutter and the arrange­ment of your physical environment determine the flow of energy in your surround­ings.  And that flow of energy powerfully affects your health, your abundance, your relation­ships —the very course of your life.  In the same way, karmic clutter is in your body, mind and emotions.  It can cause the energy within and around you to stagnate.

We all have some karmic clutter.  While we have done much good in our lifetimes, we have also created negative energy.  This energy has collected  and then calcified in our physical body , our mental body, our desire body, and even at the level of the etheric octave.   As a result of this karma, we don’t feel as light, free, happy, vibrant and spiritual as we could.

The violet flame can literally consume the debris within and between  the atoms of your being.  Each morning an angel brings us our karma for the day. That means our untransmuted karma of the past.  It could be the karma of yesterday or it could be the karma of five hundred years ago or ten thousand years ago or eleven thousand years ago on Atlantis or Lemuria.

God sends an angel to deliver our karma to us so that we will balance a little each day because God doesn’t want our karma to pile up, so much so that we can’t get into the kingdom of heaven because we simply haven’t balanced our karma.

So greet your angel.  He usually leaves his pack of karma for you right on your doorstep.  If you go out to let out the dog or the cat or get your newspaper, right next to it is your bundle of karma.  [laughter]  Pick it up, take it inside.  And be philosophical.  This is it for today.  You’re going to charge and win or you’re going to fall apart.  You have to make that decision.  Get going with your karma because every time you put that bundle of karma of that day in your life into the flame, you are just a little bit lighter.  Even if it’s one ounce, ten ounces lighter, you are lighter every day.

So because of this, that’s why it’s one of the best times to give your decrees– in the early morning.  If you decree first thing in the morning, as many like to do about five a.m., your day will go much more smoothly.  You’ll be more successful because you will already have transmuted the karma of the day.  And so now you have the karma that is coming up on that day and you’ve already cleared the first part of it.

So you went, you won’t get caught up in needless conversations, and emergencies won’t pull you away from your goals.  If you don’t decree when you get up in the morning , then that karma will follow you around all day long , just like your little doggie.

The violet flame lets you transmute the negatives and capitalize on the positives.

So let’s get into some violet-flame decrees before we get any further.  Take your Angels booklet.  Violet-flame decrees are at the very end of the booklet.  This is page 14, decree number 43.  [Messenger speaks to Kathleen Boyle, who leads the following decrees.]

* [Number 0.07A [ Angels no. 43), “I AM the Light of the Heart,” given 7 times, led by decree leader.] 
* [Decree 70.11, “I AM the Violet Flame,” given 7 times, led by decree leader.]

Did you do 47?  “Decree for Freedom’s Holy Light”?  [“Just ‘I AM the Light of the Heart.'”]  Let’s stand and give decree number 47, page 15, “Decree for Freedom’s Holy Light.”  What we want to do here is to remember that God is here to empower us and we are here to receive his empowerment.

When we say “Mighty Cosmic Light,” you see the italics.  It’s, we are, we are addressing that Light, as it is God personified.  The Light is God personified.  So we’re actually speaking to the Cosmic Light.  So let’s do this together.

* [Decree 5.01 ( Angels no. 47), “Decree for Freedom’s Holy Light,” given once, led by Messen­ger.]

Thank you.  Please be seated.

The Eleventh Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Plug up the holes in your aura.  Plug up the holes in your aura.  How do we get holes in our aura?  Well, now we find out that we have the capacity to get holes in our aura.  So first of all, the aura is the magnetic field around the body that is the combined manifes­tation of body, mind and soul.  The human aura reveals all that you are and all that you have been.  Your chang­ing thoughts and feelings color your aura from moment to moment.

As you have been giving the violet flame, the violet flame has been in your aura.  The more you give the violet flame, the more it purges you of residual substances in the flame.
Think of your aura as a sending and receiving station.  It sends out your positive and negative vibrations.  It receives the vibrations of others.  It can also receive and send the higher vibrations of the heaven-world.  The more spiritual you are, the more sensitive your aura.

Sometimes we develop disturbances in our aura or actual holes in our aura.  You want to have a strong aura.  This needs to be your goal.  Because if there’s just a pinprick, like puncturing a baloon, that’s what happens.  So the most important keys of the first step on the spiritual path is to see that your aura is sealed, that nothing and no one can penetrate your aura.

Your aura is part of your tube of light.  In other words, the tube of light and the aura move together.  The tube of light is highly strengthening to the aura.

So you want to be spiritually whole —not a piece of swiss cheese.  If your aura has holes, it’s like a sieve.  You can’t hold light when you’re a sieve.  As soon as you get more light, you lose it.

How do you know if you have a weak aura?  If you want to know, ask yourself the following questions.  Are you easily pulled this way and that?   You were on this course, but somebody convinced you to go this way.   Do you lack focus?  Do you have a hard time holding onto joy?  Do you get tired for seemingly no reason at all?  Are you easily influenced by other people’s desires and negative vibrations?

Once upon a time when I was in a hotel room somewhere in California, I suddenly had a craving for a pepperoni pizza.  Now, pepperoni pizza isn’t exactly what I relish.  I’m not very fond of it at all, in fact.  I began to actually smell the odor of this pepperoni pizza.  And I realized that it wasn’t my desire at all, that the people in the next room had been eating pizza.

So people come to me and they say:  “I’m physically and spiritually spent.  Why?  How can I reclaim my energy?”  You could be feeling exhausted because you’ve literally given away parts of yourself.  One of the things that people do is they never stop talking.  Talking takes a lot of energy.  It really saps you of your energy.  It’s important to be silent.  It’s important to have days when you speak cordially to people but don’t get en, engaged in long conversations one after the other all day long and then keep going week after week and throughout your life.  It’s very exhausting.

So how can you reclaim your energy?  You can’t give away your spiritual light but that’s indeed what happens.  And it can happen in many ways.  This can be remedied by giving your tube of light decree and decrees to Archangel Michael in the morning and here and there throughout the day, especially when the workplace gets tense.  Archangel Gabriel’s chakra meditation— which we’ll be giving here tomor­row—is also a powerful way to seal your aura.

The most important spiritual law you can remember about your aura— and your everyday spirituality—  is:  Where your attention goes, there goes your energy.  Sometimes the Ascended Masters request that their chelas go on a voice fast.  And you can see them walking around our Community perhaps with a little blackboard around their neck so that they can communicate.  It’s a very strengthening, healing and concentrating way of elevating yourself.

I can’t give you percentages but a very large percentage of the population of the world do not have their auras sealed.  Anyone who does not have the aura sealed then is open to anything, to any intruder.

So what I would recommend to you if you feel that your health isn’t strong, you don’t have the get-up-and-go, seal the aura by calling to Archangel Michael, by calling to your Mighty I AM Presence to reinforce your tube of light.  If you get into anything that is discordant, go and find yourself a little corner, reestablish your centeredness, call on the law of forgiveness and keep going.

Some people have holes in their auras from past lives.  Others have holes in their auras from anger.  There are all kinds of reasons why people have holes in their aura.  And if they haven’t known how to seal the aura, then that aura remains as it is.

The violet flame is the great cure-all.  The violet flame is what gives us the ability to transmute the problem.  The problem is the hole.  The power of transmutation of the violet flame is to fill that hole, to mend that hole.  And we have to go after it day after day after day.

So here are some ways we lose light or develop holes in our aura:  If you are a health practi­tioner, counselor or someone who works in a service-oriented job, you may find yourself at times feeling drained.  You have something very important to give others.  But in order to retain your ability to keep on giving, you need to seal your aura and keep it sealed.

Idle chatter is one of the most deadly enemies to your spirituality.  Useless words expend precious energy.

Noise bombards the aura. In many ways, our society is addicted to noise.  John Barrymore once quipped , he said :  “[God said:] it is not good for man to be alone– but sometimes it’s a great relief!”  Sometimes people fill all the empty spaces in their day —with the TV set, the radio or just plain chatter.  Don’t be afraid to have moments of silence in your life.  Don’t be afraid to be alone, when no one is talking to you and you’re not talking to someone else.  Be alone with God and find out how strengthening that is.

The bottom line is:  In order to cultivate everyday spiritual­ity, you must practice walking and talking with angels.  How do you do this?  You keep a listening ear so that at all times you are attentive to the still small voice within.  This is the voice of your Mentor– your Holy Christ Self.

If you are not alert, negative energy directed at you from others can puncture your aura.  When someone envies you, criticizes you or gossips about you, they are sending poisoned arrows.  Actually it’s more like a big suction cup.  Their attention on you can suck your energy— unless you are on guard and have built up a wall of protection around yourself.

Substance abuse can weaken your aura.  The use of alcohol and drugs lead to what is called in Oriental medicine an extreme yin, or expansive, condition.  These substances artificially expand the conscious­ness and distort your perceptions.  Spiritually speaking, nicotine, alcohol and drugs also cut off your contact with your Holy Christ Self.

We can’t be two places at once.  We can’t be in the depths of the earth and in the heights of heaven.  We have to choose the middle way and keep on climbing up that ladder to the heart of Gautama Buddha.

Emotional abuse and anger puncture the aura.  Studies show that hostile people acquire biological characteristics and health behaviors that can damage their health.  For instance, men and women who carry a large amount of hostility are at greater risk of developing coronary disease. They are also much more likely to die of other causes, such as cancer.  But disease first starts showing up in the aura.  That’s when you see it first.  If people are going to have cancer, it’s in the aura before anyone detects it.

If you tend to explode or allow yourself to be around people who explode, you probably have some holes in your aura.  It’s like shooting a canon at yourself or allowing someone to shoot you.  If you get angry, you may forfeit much good karma you have made through hard work.

When you realize how hard it is to make good karma consistently day after day and not make bad karma, then you don’t want to lose what you’ve gained.  So that’s why you call to Archangel Michael for protection.

The sixteenth-century Jewish mystic Isaac Luria said that the sin of anger harms the entire soul and causes part of the soul to leave a person. That means the soul can be fragmented.  And that is why I regularly give my teachings on soul travel and on working with the soul that is frag­mented, of gathering the parts of the soul and magnetizing those parts back to the heart chakra.

The problem with the situation of the individual whose soul is fragmented is usually that individual does not have the strength to retain the heart chakra at such levels as it can be a magnet, a magnet of love to hold the particles once they have been brought back to the center of the person.

So soul travel is going throughout the universes, capturing the souls that have been lost and their fragments that have been lost, bringing them back to the heart of the individual.  What has to happen immediately following this is that we put a bastion around our heart of that tube of light, of the wall of blue flame outside the tube of light.  That action, then, is effective in allowing you to hang on to those fragments.  If the heart is not strong enough after a ritual of soul retrieval, the parts may again be scattered.  So this is a very serious challenge.

The conse­quences of unbridled anger are grave.  I have seen people  become angry and lose a fragment or fragments of their soul on the spot.  I have also witnessed people go into a rage and literally extinguish their divine spark while I looked on in horror.  There was nothing I could say or do for this person.  He did it himself.

The habit of getting angry is often a problem of self-esteem.  You are valuable to God and the universe.  You are a son, a daughter of God. What could be more valuable than the presence of God who lives within you?

Heavy rock music can have a detrimental effect on your aura.  Dr. John Diamond’s research shows that, due to the anapestic beat in which the music stops after each measure, the rock beat can physically weaken the body.  Diamond tested hundreds of subjects using behavioral kinesiol­ogy.  In his book Your Body Doesn’t Lie Diamond says:  “Every major muscle of the body relates to an organ.  This means that all the organs in our body are being affected by a large portion of the popular music to which we are exposed each day.  Our bodies can discriminate between beneficial and detrimental sounds.”

Other studies show that rock music stunts the growth of plants and causes babies in the womb to kick violently.  Diamond found that, in contrast to the rock beat, the uplifting waltz beat is akin to the beat of the heart.  He found that classical music has a beneficial effect on the body.  Witness the fact that many classical conductors have lived exceptionally long, productive and predominantly healthy lives.

“Surrounded by the right sounds,” says Diamond, “we all can be invigo­rated, energized and balanced.”  Spiri­tually speaking, a heavy rock beat brings our energy down to our lower chakras– when the goal is to raise that energy upward from the base of the spine to the crown.

A lot of us grew up with rock music.  Fortunately, I did not.  So I know it’s hard to swallow the results of these studies.  But when we know what something is doing to us spiritually, we simply can’t ignore it.  Life is too short.  When we know something and we know it is true, we need to act upon it.

Try an experiment.  Try listening to classical music at least part of the day and see how you feel.  You won’t really know unless you try it for yourself.

You can also develop holes in your aura through excessive sexual activity.  Devotees of many spiritual traditions teach that preoccupation  with sex can slow down our spiritual growth.  This is because the energy  we exchange through sexual union is the same energy we use to accelerate spiritually.  When we dissipate this energy through excessive sexual thoughts or practices, we spend the spiritual fire that otherwise would be propel ling us upward.

All these ways of puncturing your aura and losing your light go back to that simple equation:  Where your attention goes, there goes your energy.

If you realize that you have holes in your aura, what can you do?  You can quickly turn the situation around by changing your lifestyle and decreeing regularly.  The Tube of Light decree is your first line of defense for strengthening your aura.  Another exercise you can use is the “I AM Light” decree by the Ascended Master Kuthumi.

Kuthumi tells us to first visualize the threefold flame expanding from within the secret chamber of the heart.  See the blue plume of God’s power on your left; the yellow plume of God’s power, wisdom in the center; and the pink plume of God’s love on your right.

Second, seal yourself and your consciousness in a globe of white fire.  And third, recite the “I AM Light” decree “with utter humility and devotion.”  Kuthumi says:  “As you visualize the cosmic white-fire radiance around yourself, do not be concerned with the errors in your thought that through the years may have intruded themselves upon your conscious­ness.  Do not allow yourself to concentrate upon any negative quality or condition.  Do not let your attention rest upon your supposed imperfec­tions.  Instead, see what the light can do for you.  See how even your physical form can change, how a strengthening of the bonds of your health can occur in body, mind, and spirit.”

Let us take this decree once through and then let us sing it.  Page 4, no. 12.  Together.

* [Decree 7.10A ( Angels no. 12), “I AM Light” given once, led by Messen­ger.]

Let us sing this together.

* [Decree 7.10A, ( Angels no. 12), “I AM Light” sung 3 times.]

[Messenger speaks to A.V. personnel.]

This exercise– as well as many other prayers and meditations to activate and energize the aura– are included in the pocketbook I have published called The Human Aura.   It is written by Kuthumi and Djwal Kul.

Now we’re on the Twelfth Key to Everyday Spirituality.  Take time for physical and spiritual renewal , renewal.  Renewal comes through the alchemy of the violet flame.  Renewal comes through the alchemy of the Holy Spirit.  It comes through the alchemy of our soul’s oneness with our Mighty I AM Presence.  Renewal is change, self-transcending change.

Physical renewal includes getting regular exercise, healing the body, fasting.  Having a healthy body enhances your spiritual­ity.  Exercise increases the flow of prana— the energy that vitalizes all living things.  Prana can influence the, the mind, body, spirit and emotions.  Use your exercise breaks to commune with God.  You can give mantras and affirmations  while walking.  You can use that time to attune with your Christ Self and to send blessings to those in need.

On a fifteen-minute break, when you take a walk out of the office building, maybe into a nearby little park, you can make a call to Almighty God that is so intense and so powerful and so full of love and the Holy Spirit that you can ask God that every single person on earth who is on a sick bed or lies dying with no care, that these be visited immediatley and instanta­neously according to my call that they might know a safe passage into the lev, levels and octaves of light or wherever they are assigned.

When you develop a momentum on prayer, you will ask God anything and he will give it you.  And those are the words of Jesus.

When I go for walks in the beautiful mountains of Montana where I live, I breathe deeply.  I attune with God and nature.  My backyard is full of elk and various types of various herds that come along the way.  They come very close to the house.  They look in the windows.  So, some of them are mule deer, some are other kinds of deer.  And they all come in herds.  They all have one group soul.

We have cattle on our ranch as well.  And it’s funny.  You can look at a hundred head of cattle or less; they’ll all be pointed in the same direction.  So it’s the nature of the group soul.  You watch that.

***    So a neglect to give a call to God is like a missing link.  We have to keep on praying.   Whenever I’m in California, I like to walk or jog along the beach, give my mantras.  I like to take the daily exercise breaks and periods of spiritual and physical renewal and recharge,

This is why we have five-day spiritual retreats four times year. And this July, it will be in San Diego.

So the thirteenth Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Recharge every night at the spiritual retreats of the Ascended Masters.  We need that recharge and we need to know how to get to the retreats.   We have the opportu­nity to travel to these retreats in our finer bodies while our souls sleep at night.  At these retreats we can have direct contact with Ascended Masters and angels.  And as I’ve said, their retreats are on the etheric plane.   They tutor us in their fields of specializa­tion.  They help us prepare for the next day’s challenges.

But we don’t automatically travel to these retreats when we slip off in sleep.  If we are not spiritually prepared, we may get caught in the astral plane instead.  The astral plane, as we use the term, is a low level of vibration that can take you even lower to the levels of Death and Hell beneath the earth.  The astral plane is a plane of witchcraft, black magic, evil, voodoo, and so forth.

So it is important that we give our calls to Archangel Michael for protection and that we ask the Archangels and their hosts to escort us wherever we are to be at our place of service.  Many times those places of service are the retreats of the Ascended Masters in the heaven-world.

So, here are three things you can do to help you get to the retreats every night.

First, treat your bedroom as a sanctuary of peace.  Avoid clutter.  Avoid doing other activities there—like watching TV.  Avoid having other people in your bedroom, except your immediate family, and keep gatherings restricted to other rooms if possible.  Keep only pictures, images and statues in your bedroom of the saints that elevate you rather than pull you down.  Your bedroom should be a place of very high energy. You should be able to walk into your bedroom and feel a tremendous charge of light because you do not allow any other activity to go on there.

The second thing you can do is to ensure that you travel to the retreats , and that is: Don’t go to bed at night without making your peace with others.  This is a most important teaching.  Every great religious leader of all time has given us this teaching.

The apostle Paul said: “Let not the sun go down on your wrath.”  Don’t go to bed with anger in your heart.   If you go out of your body at night in soul travel when you are angry, your astral ka could go out and wreak havoc.  The astral ka is a part of yourself but it is often a part of yourself that is untamed.  It is the evil part or the not-self. Your unharnessed thoughts can victimize others.  This happens at subconscious and unconscious levels , so much so that, without even knowing it, at the unconscious level while in soul travel, if you are without protection, you could actually commit murder at the astral plane, at the level of the astral plane.

So if you can’t solve a problem all at once and you do not want to carry it with you when you engage in soul-travel, what do you do?  First you call to Archangel Michael to seal your anger, literally to box it up.   Keep in your mind or even put a picture up on your wall of a blue box wrapped in shiny blue metallic paper and tied with a blue ribbon.  In your mind’s eye take all your unresolved issues and put them in that blue box.  Think of all the unresolved issues with family, friends, neighbors, with whatever grief you have with public officials and so forth.  Put all of that in your blue box. Give some violet-flame decrees to transmute your anger.  Above all, kneel and ask forgiveness for any harm you may have done to another on any given day.  Implore your Holy Christ Self to k, to help you get on top of the problem that caused you to lose your harmony.

The third thing to do before going to bed is to put on your spiritual armour– call for protection.   Call to Archangel Michael.   If you aren’t protected you may get caught in the astral plane.

Getting caught in the astral plane is like having bad dreams.  When you wake up with bad dreams that are kind of a mish-mash, a collage of all kinds of things, you know you really haven’t had a good and deep rest because you’ve been caught in that level.

So before you go to bed, decree to Archangel Michael to set a forcefield of protection around you.  Ask Archangel Michael and his angels  to protect you as you travel to the retreats of the Ascended Masters in the heaven-world.  As you go to sleep, focus your inner sight on your destination.

The Royal Teton Retreat, congruent with the Grand Teton near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is the retreat of the Ascended Masters rec, recom­mend their students aim for.  You can put up a poster, painting or photo of the Grand Teton opposite your bed so it is the last thing you see before you turn out your light.  When you fix your mind on that beautiful mountain, you will most likely arrive there, especially if you’ve done your decrees for protection.

Visualize a cordon of angels escorting your soul, clothed in your ethrk, in your etheric body of light, to the Royal Teton Retreat.  When you wake up in the morning, you may recall the lessons you learned in the retreats.  Or you may awaken with a clear direction to do this or that.   You got that direction by being in one of the tre, retreats of the Ascended Masters.

You may feel that the burdens you have prayed to God about the night before are resolved —or you will arise knowing precisely what steps to take to resolve them.  Keep a journal with pen or pencil handy on your right, on your night­stand.  Record instructions and revelations you receive right away, either when you awaken in the night or when you arise in the morning.

Some dreams are encoded material presented symbolically by your Holy Christ Self.  Ask your Holy Christ Self to decode your dreams and to show you how to apply their lessons to your daily life.

Fourteenth Key to Everyday Spirituality:  Bond yourself to an Ascended Master.  Claim him as your own.  Follow him around.  Serve him.  We all need our own personal trainer to get fit spiritually.   And the best trainer I know of are the Ascended Masters.  They are coaches in the highest sense of the word.  It’s so true that karma blinds.  We just don’t  see ourselves accurately.   But our coach does.   Our coach helps us to see our weak points.  But he also sees our strong points and helps us develop them.  It wasn’t until Luke Skywalker found Obi-Won Kenobi that he was on his way to becoming a real Jedi knight.

I think that all of us could tell an anecdote at this point of perhaps one of our weak points.  Let’s think about those and make them our strong points.  Let’s not be in denial about our weak points.

Personally, I could not possibly have come as far as I have without my coach:  the Ascended Master El Morya.

How do you bond to an Ascended Master?  You read about his or her past lives and imitate the Master’s virtues.  You pray to that Master.  You walk and talk with him throughout the day.  In any given situation you ask yourself:  What would he do?  You do not stop knocking on the Master’s door.

My book The Lords of the Seven Rays is a great starting point to learn about the past lives of the Seven Chohans of the rays.  They are the Ascended Masters who are our most immediate teachers of everyday spiritual­ity.  They will never let you down.

I have prepared for you a handa, a handout listing the fourteen keys to everyday spirituality that I have discussed here.  You can pick it up any time, now or or on your way out.  And I’ve almost concluded my lecture.

What we have left to do are the remaining mantras, the “Heart, Head and Hand” mantras.  So we start with “Supply,” number 4, the third-eye chakra.  Let’s stand and give each of these with the power of our Holy Christ Self, three times each.  [Messenger speaks to A.V. personnel.]

So did you find your place?  This is on page 2, “Supply– Third-Eye Chakra.”  Now we’re going to see what our voice box can do, what our hearts can deliver, when we are determined.  This is for supply through the third-eye chakra.  Together.

* [Decree 1.30, “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees,” “Supply” and “Transfigura­tion” sections given 3 times, led by Messenger.]

Seven, the “Resurrection.”  Together.

* [Decree 1.30, “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees,” “Resurrection” section given 3 times, led by Messenger.]

The “Ascension.”  Together.

* [Decree 1.30, “Heart, Head and Hand Decrees,” “Ascension” section given 3 times, led by Messenger.  “And in full Faith…” given 3 times.]

Thank you very much for your kind attention.  I’ll ask Rev. Kathleen Boyle to come forward and tell us when we will be back from the ba, break.

Rev. Kathleen Boyle:  We have about a fifteen-minute break right now.  And we will be returning for another lecture.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  I wanted to make the point that [inaudible] take a thirty-minute break.

Rev. Kathleen Boyle:  We could actually take a 30-minute break if you’d like.  So we would be back here at about 4:35.”

[28-second standing ovation]

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