Pursue the Path of Purification and Holiness with the Seraphim

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“When you hear of these sayings and these teachings, always remember that we are all sons and daughters of God, and so what one son or daughter of God has been blessed with, we may also be blessed with. 

If you would like a six-winged seraph to cleanse and wash you three times, call for this in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy†Spirit and see what God’s will is for you if you would like to pursue the path of purification and holiness under the seraphim and also under the Fourth Ray, which, as you know, that is Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel and Hope his archeia and Serapis Bey and the Elohim of Purity. 

So there are many legions of Light who serve on this white ray in the white fire and the white flame of God.”

“And so we salute Justinius and his seraphim and we call to Justinius and we say, “Send me seraphim to guard my house, my children, my community, my planet, my nation.” Untold millions are available. 

The more you walk a path of your own personal Christhood putting on the anointing of God, the more you will be respected by angels, the more they will cluster around you. The more you put out divine love and desire to help so many, the more they will strengthen you. The more you purify the body by lightening up your diet from the heavy fats and heavy meats and heavy dairy products and excess sugar, etcetera, the more you lighten up, the more you can contain the light. ”

From the lecture “How to Work with Angels for Success” given Feb 28th, 1993 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet at the North Shore Hilton hotel in Chicago IL.

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