Kuthumi Dispensation regarding Exposing False Teachers

An Expose of False Teachings

Now I make known to you a dispensation of the Lords of Karma.  If a certain quota of ascensions of Keepers of the Flame is met in this one-thousand-year period, then in the time appointed for the unloosing of the Devil and his angels, many ascended masters will be given the dispensation to walk the earth in visible light bodies to preach to the mankind of earth who up to that time will have failed to make the choice between light and darkness, Christ and Antichrist, both within the microcosm of self and in the Macrocosm of this solar system.

But if the quota of ascensions is not met, the mankind of earth will have only the inner flame and the voice of God within to confirm their conviction. And in the day of the appearance of Antichrist, the great clamoring of the fallen ones with every form of false-hierarchy teaching will resound from one end of the earth to the other, up until the moment when the angel of the Lord will seize them and bind them and remand them to the Court of the Sacred Fire presided over by the Four and Twenty Elders.

Let all who have received our Pearls of Wisdom on the expose of the false teachings recognize that to contact the Great White Brotherhood in this life is the supreme opportunity which requires the supreme sacrifice of the self-centered existence. Let those who reject the teaching or the teacher, the messenger or the message, be forewarned: To turn your back on the light in this life is to seal a dangerous destiny that can be reversed only in the time of the tempest of the Tempter when the conditions for salvation will be far more difficult than in this day and age when the hierarchy of light has opened the door to the ascension for every man, woman and child on this planet.

Kuthumi and the Brothers of the Golden Robe,  April 11, 1976

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