What is Our Service, Our Reason for Being?

“The masters come to us week after week, conference after conference, to infuse us with that light again and again, over and over again‑-to bring up the measure of the light within our temple so that we have a certain quantity of light necessary to carry us not only in this octave, but in all octaves. And they infuse us with that light, so that when we meet other souls in the way, we have sufficient light to transfer, to kindle, to enlighten another; so that that soul might also burst by the flame of the Holy Spirit and itself become a kindling light.

This is our service; this is our reason for being. If we do not accomplish this every single day of our lives, if we allow hours and moments and days to pass when we are out of contact and out of the awareness of the union with God, the inner walk with God, the consciousness of the I AM Presence, then we are of no value and the light has gone out.

Then we will not survive cataclysm. Then we will not be the ready instruments of the Maha Chohan when he desires to light others through us. When we, then, have reached a stability of this present awareness that the Holy Spirit fills our temple, then we choose the area of our sacred labor as God chooses in us to serve and to work his purpose. And our foundation of that purpose is the very teaching whereby others may sustain that God consciousness twenty-four hours a day.”

An excerpt from a sermon given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet during Sunday Service on July 23, 1978, Camelot, California.

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