Lecture: “Mantra, Yantra, and the Science of Sound”


September 13, 1980

Given during the Liberating Power of the Word conference, at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia by the Messenger   Elizabeth Clare Prophet

[Pause.]  You can put your books away please.  [Interruption.] [Pause.]  I’ll have the doors closed please.  [Pause.]

[Messenger chants:]  AUM.  AUM.  AUM.  [Audience joins the messenger:  AUM.  AUM.  AUM.  AUM.  AUM. AUM.]

Won’t you be seated.  [Interruption.]  Are there any more people to be seated on that side?  [Pause.] I’d like to have everyone seated who is going to be seated and then the doors closed please.  [Pause.]  First of all I’d like to say, Good morning [audience laughs] and greetings in the name of the Great White Brotherhood.  This retreat is a meditation from beginning to end.  It is the transfer of the Word of our Lord Sanat Kumara.  And therefore I would like to ask you to put your books away because it is not a retreat for notetaking.  It’s a retreat for you to meditate upon the Word, to enter into it, and to become it.  And what will happen with these teachings is that I will go home, they will be transcribed as they have been given, I will go over them to be certain that they are as they should be, and then they’ll be on a tape album, and then you can sit down and take notes to the tapes.  Otherwise, if we sit and take notes when we are receiving the Word of the Lord, we are only taking in the intellectual level–and for thousands of years people have been discerning God intellectually.  It is not enough; it is not soul-satisfying.  So if our souls are to be nourished we need to meditate upon the Word and take in the Word in all of the seven planes of being, in the seven chakras.  So it is not the words, words, words that you can repeat that will give you the marks when you stand before the Lords of Karma, but it is the Word that you have become.  And so this is the great joy and the gift that the ascended masters have given to their chelas in this century–the gift of the incarnate Word.  So sometimes when we don’t have the props of notetaking, we panic because we see the marvelous scenarios of the teachings going before us and we want to capture them and we feel we will not.  And in that sense it is a certain attitude of possessiveness of the Word.  And of course, we can’t possess the Word.  We can only become the Word.  One cannot possess it unless one has become it, and so if you allow it to pass through you and visualize yourself not as a dense flesh-and-blood body but actually as a grid or forcefield like a latticework, and as the sacred fire of the Word and the sacred name pass through you, there is a cleansing action and when the cleansing is fulfilled then there is the building from the foundation to the top of the new identity–your new identity in the Word.  And so each one who receives the Word receives it for whatever purpose is required, and all purposes of the alchemy of God cannot be fulfilled at once because we are in different states of evolution, and so the teaching that is given can be heard again and again and again because the coils and spirals of the Word continue to work their work in us.  And so what is contained in this conference will be heard by you many times.  And you may take notes, you may study your notes, because you do need the mental level of the teaching.  But in the end, what you have become is what you will have the ability to transfer to others.  And that is the purpose of our path.  It is not a selfish path.  The only reason for becoming the Word is that we might impart that Word to those who need the nourishment of life.  And so this is an exercise and an experiment in being.  And it is a most joyous occasion to be together.  And so I would like to mention that we do not allow tape recordings in our seminars, and I ask you to respect that.  The most important reason I do not allow it is should I make a single statement that is not absolutely accurate or said properly, I like to have the opportunity to remove it from the final edition of the tapes.  If you take the tape recording and I have made a mistake in some fashion, it will be permanent in your recording and therefore, because I have said that I do not allow tape recordings, it then becomes your responsibility to be using a something that perhaps is not the perfection of the Word that you ought to have.  So, it is my desire to give to you the fullness of the Word that I AM and the teaching that that Word has given to me.  And I desire to withhold nothing from you, and that is why I am here.  [Interruption.]  [Pause.]  Now at this point our ushers, our doors are sealed for this session.  [Messenger chants:]  AUM. [Pause. Messenger chants:] IN THE BEGINNING. IN THE BEGINNING WAS BRAHMAN.  IN THE BEGINNING WAS BRAHMAN WITH WHOM WAS THE WORD.  WITH WHOM WAS THE WORD.  AND THE WORD IS BRAHMAN.  AND THE WORD IS BRAHMAN.  [Pause.]  Thousands of years after this verse was recorded in one of the world’s oldest religious texts, the Vedas of ancient India, John the Beloved began the fourth gospel with: [Messenger chants:]  IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD.  AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD.  AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD.  AND THE WORD WAS GOD.  AND THE WORD WAS GOD. [Pause.]  As we meditate upon this Word, and realize that it is inseparable from God as Brahman, we find that the Word is given that we might follow it back to the center, to the point of light that is the being of God.  Therefore, the intoning of the Word.  From the earliest periods of history, and in every corner of the globe, man has pondered the vast mysteries and the glories of the evolution of the universe.  He has continued to reach into the depths of his being to understand the nature of his God, to embrace life’s meaning, to become liberated from the bonds that prevent the unfettered flight of his soul.  Positioning ourselves in the Word, the pinions of the bird of the soul is poised, are, are poised to take flight.  The soul, then, is ready to fly, ready to merge with the Word.  As we are ready, as this is our desiring, we kneel before the Lord and we ask, “How?”  “How may I return to the center of the Word that is God and that was with God, Brahman, in the beginning?”  This we will unfold.  Brahman is the Hindu equivalent of God.  The meaning of Brahman is the undivided, omnipresent One.  It is God before the creation–God of very gods before the creation, before the emanation, before the manifestation of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, before Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  It is the Absolute without attributes.  Simply, God–without description, without form, without even formlessness–without attribute.  It is this God, Brahman, with whom we find the Word.  The Word is the sound light emanation of Brahman, the creative sound that instantaneously becomes the creative light manifestation of God.  The Word, the Logos, has always been the pivot point of man’s highest understanding.  It is through the Word that we arrive at Brahman.  And the Word incarnate declares, “No man cometh to the Father but by me.  I AM the open door which no man can shut.” 1  The Word that is in the beginning with God can be transferred to form, to formlessness.  And therefore, Brahman becomes accessible to us only by the Word.  “In the beginning was the Word” 2 and the self-creative Word of God is recorded as “Let there be light: and there was light.” 3  [Pause.]  As I speak that Word, the silence which follows is filled with the sound of this self-creative Word of God.  I would like you to uncross your legs, cup your hands in your lap, and meditate upon the soundless sound which follows my speaking of this self-creative Word.  The point of your meditation is your heart, which you visualize in the center of the chest cavity.  The focal point of the light of the heart is, however, corresponding with the physical heart to the left.  [Pause.]  “Let there be light: and there was light.”  [Pause.]  The duration of the sound is till the moment of my speaking again.  It is a roaring sound; it is an inner sound.  It is not vibrating on the physical, and therefore, it is called the soundless sound.  It is heard with the inner ear.  [Pause.]  Let us repeat it together and then observe the inner sound.  Together.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “Let there be light: and there was light.”  Pause.]  Together.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “Let there be light: and there was light.” Pause.]  Together.  [Audience joins the messenger: “Let there be light: and there was light.”  Pause.] The soul in you that desires to unite with the Word is wearing veils, veils as the four lower bodies–the memory, the mind, the feelings, the physical body–which are comprised in themselves of many, many layers like our skin.  Skeins and skeins of energy intertwining compose the forcefield where your soul is positioned.  All of these comprise the vessel, and the vessel is an instrument.  And therefore, when the soul within the vessel pronounces the Word or the mantra of the Word, that of the Word which can manifest is conditioned by these veils.  And therefore, in this age the ascended masters have come to us with the means to accelerate and purify the veils, the coats of skins, the vessels.  So that we, when we sound the tone and the light goes forth there is a greater and greater manifestation instantaneously crystallizing the Word.  So the degrees of consciousness of hearing the Word depend upon the vessel, which is the vehicle whereby we can interpret and experience and experiment with the Word.  Therefore it is an ongoing process.  Wherever you begin is the beginning, and it is a spiral that is created.  And day by day by day, through the repetition of the self-creative Word, the self in you is being re-created, layer upon layer upon layer until, as it is ordained, you walking the earth still in what would be called a physical body, may walk the earth in your light body, the etheric body and even the garment, the deathless solar body which is the vehicle that prepares you for the ascension which is the ultimate union with God.  I want you to remember the self-creative Word .  It is also the re-creative Word.  And it is this fiat, “In the beginning,” that we use to establish that point of contact with the reality of the Word.  Let us do it again.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “Let there be light: and there was light.”  Pause.]  Together.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “Let there be light: and there was light.” Pause.  “Let there be light: and there was light.” Pause.]  The creative power of the Word is understood in the Hebrew tradition, and was greatly revered in the esoteric teachings of the Cabala and ancient Near East.  There are twelve names of God that come forth from the Cabala. The Cabala is the body of esoteric Hebrew teachings that explains and harmonizes the relation between God and his creation.  [Pause.]  These twelve names release the light of the twelve hierarchies of the sun, twelve manifestations of God, twelve points of God-realization.  The Hebrew and the Sanskrit are two languages which convey to us most accurately the inner light which is the key, the alchemical key, to the transformation of the Word.  We approach, then, the sacred name.  There are many names for God.  [Pause.] Each time we pronounce the sacred name, a portion of God is experienced and if we have the intense love, the adoration of God, we also will become that portion.  It is written throughout Scripture, “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” 4  That which is saved is that portion of you that has become one with God through the recitation of the Word.  [Pause.] Messenger chants:]  EIN SOF.  EIN SOF.  EIN SOF.  It conveys the experience of God without end–without end in a spherical sense.  It is the equivalent to Brahman, the Absolute, the Source from which emanates all of creation.  The soundless sound, the Sun behind the sun, God that is beness without attribute.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  EEA.  EEA.  EEA.]  The name of Kether, meaning the crown, the representative of the manifested spiritual substance of the absolute.  We move from the Absolute to an attribute, the manifested spiritual substance, the first emanation of the Absolute.It has a meaning of hidden, not yet revealed, but coming forth from.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  YO.  YO.  YO.]  The name of Binah, the second emanation, vibrating at the plane of God’s cosmic intelligence.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  YEHOVAH.  YEHOVAH.  YEHOVAH.  [Pause.]  The name Hokhmah, the third emanation, the plane of divine wisdom.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  ELOAH.  ELOAH.  ELOAH.  ELOAH.  The name Hesed, the emanation of grace.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  ELOHIM.  ELOHIM.  ELOHIM.  The name of the fifth emanation, the plane of judgment and the fear of the Lord.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  YEHOVAH.  YEHOVAH.  YEHOVAH.  The name of Tiferoth, the sixth emanation, the plane of beauty.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  YEHOVAH.  SEBOTH.  YEHOVAH.  SEBOTH.  YEHOVAH.  SEBOTH.  YEHOVAH.  SEBOTH.  The name of Netzah, the seventh emanation, the plane of victory and constancy.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  ELOHIM, SABAOTH.  ELOHIM, SABAOTH.  ELOHIM, SABAOTH.  The name of the eighth emanation, Hod, the plane of glory and majesty.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  ELOAH.  ELOAH.  ELOAH.  The name of the ninth emanation, Yesod, the plane of foundation or justice.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  ADONAI.  ADONAI.  ADONAI.  The name of Malkhut, tenth emanation, the plane of kingdom, royalty, the plane of shekhinah.  Shekhinah, the divine immanence.  Shekhinah, the divine immanence.  [Pause.  Messenger chants:]  EHYEH ASHER EHYEH.  EHYEH ASHER EHYEH.  EHYEH ASHER EHYEH.  [End of chant.]  I AM THAT I AM.  The name of God revealed after he brought forth the creation.  There are twelve archangels ensouling these sounds.

As we chant them, the vibration of the consonants and the vowels and the sound carry us to the heart of that God and to the heart of the hierarchies who adore that sacred name.  This morning we began with singing to the archangels to prepare your consciousness to receive the sound.  Out of this sound and these syllables comes forth the entire manifestation of their cosmic consciousness.  Out of these individual words, the music and the words to the songs, the dictations, the Spirit of the Lord, and endless spheres of cosmic consciousness are manifest. These are like the seed syllables that we will be pronouncing out of the Sanskrit when we come to that portion of our teaching.  These words are in the esoteric tradition, the inner path of the esoteric Hebrew teachings.  The exoteric path is what is contained in the outer scriptures of both the Old and New Testament.  The exoteric knowledge is the outer knowledge.  It is the outer knowledge that can be taught intellectually.  But the esoteric tradition can be conveyed only heart to heart, by the chain of hierarchy of the Word.  You can purchase many books on the cabala.  You can master it academically.  But to become the syllables means that you must enter in to the Word, the Word incarnate.  The name I AM THAT I AM is pronounced with the letters YOD HE VAU HE.  YOD HE VAU HE.  YOD HE VAU HE.  Thus it was given to Moses.  [Pause.]  An angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in a flame of fire out of the midst of the bush that burned but was not consumed. 5  And as Moses was contemplating this phenomenon of Spirit/Matter science, the Lord called him aside, appeared to him, and gave to him the great commission of going forth into Egypt to rescue the children of the light from the Nephilim.  It was a great commission, one that could not be accomplished without the Word incarnate in Moses.  If you have any ideas about rescuing the children of the light on Earth, remember that it cannot be done without the Word.  And this is why we are gathered under our tent to commune in the same Word, who is I AM, who initiated Moses.  Moses said unto this God who appeared to him, 

Exod. 3:13          …Behold, when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall say unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me, What is his name? what shall I say unto them?

Moses was highly educated.  He knew all of the traditions of the Egyptian priesthood.  He was brought up in Pharaoh’s court.  He knew the meaning of the sacred name.  He was inquiring of this God what is that sacred name that is the key to going forth into Egypt to do those things which you have told me to do?  This was no idle question.  Moses knew that his entire mission hinged upon that Word that was with God in the beginning and upon the name of that Word which would be the light to unlock the sacred fire that would deliver the children of Israel, that would put down the Nephilim with their entire momentum of power that extended across the galaxies.  The power elite of Egypt were part of this entire  extraterrestrial evolution.  The power is not small; it is entirely misqualified power–the misuse or inversion of the name of God, which is black magic.  These intonations I have given you are pronounced backwards by the fallen ones in a fallen language of the fallen angels.  This misused power presents itself as the anti-power of the power of God.  It cannot be dealt with by a mere academic knowledge of the Word.  It can only be dealt with by the transfer of the Word from the hierarch of the Word to you.  This is what was happening to Moses–the encounter of the Lord who embodied the Word.  God said unto Moses, YOD HE VAU HE–the, the Hebrew letters that are translated I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM.  The English affirmation of the Hebrew that I have given you.  

Exod. 3:14,15       …and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

And God said moreover unto Moses, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, the Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath sent me unto you.

The Word of God as the attribute of God embodied in Abraham, Isaac, Jacob–each one a peculiar, specific incarnation of the Word–“this is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.” 6  The memorial is unto you.  You are the generations who have descended from the hierarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob  if the Spirit of the Lord and the seed of light dwell in you.  The name belongs to you.  The name I AM THAT I AM is your birthright.  It is the culmination of the quintessence of man’s conception of God which God gives to us through the Great Guru, Sanat Kumara.  Sanat Kumara is, was, forever shall be unto us the incarnation of this Word.  It was Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, who appeared to Moses and transferred to him this name, this vibration.  Moses therefore becomes the incarnation, which means the embodiment of this Word.  Because he embodies the Word, he embodies the Lord behind the Word, the master who has before him embodied it.  Hence, he becomes the incarnation not only of the vibration of the Word but the Person of the Word, who is Sanat Kumara.  This is Moses’ anointing as Guru of the twelve tribes of Israel.  Without that Guru, which means “God incarnate,” they cannot be liberated by the power of the Word.  The Word must be with them because without the Word is not anything made that was made.  Nothing can be done in Egypt without the Word.  Nothing can be done in the United States of America without the Word–nothing will move, nothing will change.  You can travel around the world to places you have been ten, twenty, thirty years ago; you can meet people that you knew then.  Without the Word nothing changes.  Atoms, molecules, electrons, vibrations, records of death, records of war, records of hate and hate creation on the planet do not move.  And generation upon generation continues to embody those vibrations which are the perversion of the Word.  Only the Word can undo the perversion of the Word.  The Word, then, is a light.  The Word is a sound.  The Word is a person that has embodied both.  This is something that many people who pursue the science of mantra omit.  They recognize there is an energy in the repetition of mantras, so they would take the mantra without the cause behind the effect.  There is some gain in the repetition whether of Sanskrit or English or Hebrew mantras.  But there is not the putting on of the garment of the Lord, the identification with the Person of the Word.  We all need the Guru.  We all need Sanat Kumara.  And we find Sanat Kumara embodying these twelve manifestations, these twelve words of God, the first being without attribute.  Therefore, coming forth from him are all of the rays of the sons of God who have embodied, many of whom are now ascended masters.  All of the vibrations of the cosmic expression are contained within him.  Moses, then, is receiving his anointing.  I give it to you with the full weight of the experience so that it can be crystallized as a blueprint within you as something that you determine to seek and find.  It becomes the goal of your path to enter into this communion with Sanat Kumara.  And there are many, many ways on that path that you must walk until you come to that full experience of the incarnate Word.  It is not something that suddenly comes upon you in a moment because you attend a seminar.  It is the very goal of your life, and there are many requirements including the balancing of karma, a large percentage of karma.  Moses saw that sacred fire, that permanent portion of himself.  It was the Presence of I AM.  And this Presence, as our chart, is the focal point of our meditation because this is the goal of our being.  By that meditation we draw forth the Word to work the works of God.  Until you have the attainment and the grace of God be upon you with the fullness of the presence of the Person of the Word, you have an Advocate with the Father in the Person of your Christ Self, the middle figure in the chart.  Your Christ Self is the Word incarnate.  Therefore, already present with you is the Real Self, the anointed Self, the Christed Self.  By the authority of that Christ Self you then speak the Word before the hour of your attainment, before the hour of your soul’s fusion with the Word.  Therefore, by the authority of my own beloved Christ Self, I invoke the light of I AM THAT I AM.  I demand the descent of that light into the matter universe.  I demand the alignment of being where I am.  I demand the alignment of being where I am, everywhere that I am in the consciousness of God, in the earth, in the cities, in the nations, in the planetary forcefields.  When you speak in that form–in the name of my beloved Christ Self, I call the I AM THAT I AM–and you direct it into the conditions of the matter universe, it bypasses the densities of your own form, your vehicles, the skeins of consciousness.  Whatever lack of attainment, it does not matter.  You are bypassing the absence of God that you have yet to transmute.  And the clear, crystal water of life of the I AM Presence comes through the Christ Self and performs the perfect work of the Word.  Always remember with greatest humility and reverence, that even as you speak, you do not speak, the lesser self.  But God in you gives the prayer and is the doer and the speaker.  When you make the mistake of saying, I have called upon the name of the Lord, I have done this, I have changed the weather, I have healed the sick, I have done this, I have done that, you are diminishing the power of the Word within you as you speak.  The desire to take the Word and to put your name upon it and your fame upon it is the certain defeat of your path of evolution.  It cannot be.  The human ego, the carnal mind that is yet present in the untransmuted self would like to take the glory for the works of God.  And therefore we always say, Glory to the I AM THAT I AM.  Praise the Lord and only praise the Lord.  To be an instrument of the great doer and to retain individuality is one of the great mysteries of the Path.  It is a razor’s edge where we have a firm sense of our identity and yet at the very moment of the firm sense of identity, we know that there is only one Supreme Identity, and that is God with us, the Immanuel of Isaiah. 7  This Immanuel, this Word, can interpenetrate matter.  And the great mystery of the Holy Grail is that spirit as the infinite sacred fire can penetrate the finite matter.  The fire can be in the bush.  The bush is not consumed by it, is not overwhelmed by it, because the very atoms of the bush are at the same vibration as the sacred fire.  It is the eternal lesson that God can be the sacred fire, the all-consuming fire, where you are here and now, and not destroy the finite self in the state of becoming, because the seed atom of your being contains in its nucleus that sacred fire, and therefore you are not destroyed although the very fire is the consuming fire.  Moses exclaimed in the very face of this sacred fire, Our God is a consuming fire.  Yet the bush is not consumed.  When you invoke the consuming fire of God where you are, you fear not.  That which is consumed is that which is unlike God.  It is the understanding that energy as Spirit, as the masculine thrust of a cosmos, descends and interpenetrates the feminine polarity, the Matter bowl of being.  God reveals himself first as principle, as energy, as fire.  The first glimpse Moses has is the pure sacred fire.  The object is the translation of what he sees to himself.  I AM the bush that burns but is not consumed.  Self-awareness.  You can see the vision of the bush, and all of a sudden you see it as a cosmic grid.  Passing through it is the sacred fire.  You close your eyes and meditate and you visualize the grid.  The sacred fire passes through it.  Identity is being fired at the same time that it is being transmuted, accelerated, and elevated.  The fire is the thread of contact with the Great White Brotherhood, with all souls throughout cosmos who are real.  The sounding of the Word releases the sacred fire.  It is sealed tight in the seed atom, as tight as the nucleus of a physical atom.  It cannot be probed or opened without the sounding of the Word.  And the Word must be sounded with love.  Love is a heat.  Love as an adoring sacred fire approaches the sealed permanent atom.  And it is love and love alone that causes it to be opened and the release of sacred fire upon you.  You can intellectually repeat mantras or dynamic decrees, and the stream you receive is minute.  You can enter in to the joy of the Lord and feel so much love for God that you are fairly bursting with the love.  And the love burns as a fire in your heart until it almost becomes a pain because the heart cannot contain so much love.  Then you open your mouth and intone the word and recite the prayer, and it is no longer a trickle but a torrent, a Niagara of light because you have succeeded in prying the seed atom, and the joy and the glory of the Lord is upon you by love.  First the energy and the principle. Then the person embodying these steps through the veil and talks with Moses face to face.  When you first begin to intone the Word, you will receive light, energy, principle, consciousness.  When there is an equivalency of the Word within you as you walk this path, one day there will stand before you the ascended master who embodies the same light that you have invoked and become.  Today the ascended masters are standing before us and in our midst.  The closer approximation through the raising of physical sight to be one with the inner third eye becomes then the tangible experience that was had by Moses.  You should look forward to it, anticipate it, but be nonattached and nonpossessive.  Because if you are attached and possessive, you will find imposters of that Word coming to you as discarnates, disembodied spirits, and masters of the false hierarchy.  Who are these false hierarchy masters?  They are the same Nephilim, but they are disembodied.  They are not all in physical embodiment.  And they are waiting to pose themselves in the person of Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit, or El Morya, or Saint Germain.  They go to those who anticipate the Presence and person of God and demand it before they have become it.  If you do this you will have your reward, but the reward will be the lesser manifestation.  And the problem with these psychic beings, these astral so-called and self-styled gurus, is that they are very tenacious in their energy and very powerful in their magnetism.  They bring strong delusion.  They are mayic in emanation.  They are part of the voodoo cults of the Caribbean and places in the United States.  They are easy to contact because you do not have to change your vibration to contact them.  And so they are the imposters of the ascended masters.  Many are satisfied with the imposters, just as many are satisfied with the Nevilim, with the Nephilim in government and in the economy.  You have to determine what level of the Word you are seeking and then realize that there are disciplines and initiations on the Path in order to attain to that level.  God is a god of love.  His love manifests as the security of knowing that no one can pass to the plane of the Holy of Holies unless his vibration be pure.  Therefore we are secure in that law, that the Word itself cannot be tampered with.  It can be imitated.  It can be betrayed.  It can be perverted in black magic ceremonies.  But none of these endure.  None of these endure.  And so, if you are the real disciples of the living Word of our Lord Sanat Kumara, you will pursue your path with patience, and you will run and not be weary.  Although God has given the people access to his name, their lust for power and for the flesh culminated in Moses’ breaking of the tablets.  He fasted forty days on the mountaintop where the Lord told him he would worship.  The very mountaintop of the vibration of I AM THAT I AM.  He came down.  He found that Aaron had allowed them to build this golden calf.  And they were dancing and exhibiting the lusts of the flesh.  With the breaking of the tablets was the breaking of the esoteric tradition conveyed to the children of Israel.  Those first tablets contained esoteric truths.  The second set of tablets were a set of exoteric laws, laws of dos and don’ts, because a rebellious people must live under such laws.  When they would become the embodiment of the exoteric law by obedience to the simple Ten Commandments, then once again they would be given the esoteric tradition. The esoteric tradition has been transferred to us by Sanat Kumara in his Pearls of Wisdom of last year, a set of forty Pearls giving profound understanding of the use of the Word.  The name of God then became an anathema to the children of Israel because it brought to them the instantaneous return of their personal karma.  Merely to speak the name I AM THAT I AM means we are invoking the person of God to abide in this temple.  When we invoke the name and we invoke the Presence of God, and the I AM THAT I AM descends through the Christ Self, it does not leave us at it finds us.  God built this temple to inhabit it.  He will have it as he desires it.  So it came to pass that although God vouchsafed this name as a memorial to all generations, 8 the people left off using it.  Even the priests no longer spoke the name within the Holy of Holies. The fact that it is not allowed to be spoken today–not even the word Jehovah would be spoken by the Jews, the Orthodox Jews of today–can be explained by the very presence within the consciousness of resistance to the transforming nature of the Word.  The Word is self-transforming.  It will not leave you as it finds you.  This is why people look for substitutes.  This is why they will say a lesser vibration of the Word such as Lord or Adonai , because it demands less of those who say it than the original Word.  It brings the judgment to that which is unreal.  But the children of Israel were attached to unreality and all that they enjoyed in Egypt.  They did not want to leave it behind.  They wanted a guru who would allow them to keep everything they enjoyed of the human consciousness and give them the light of the Word.  And this is what we hear today.  You do it for us, Moses.  You make the sacrifice.  You do the fastings.  You go to the mountain.  You get the light, and you come down and give it to us down here in the valleys so that we can stay just as we are.  Only if you are willing to go with God where the Word is should you pronounce the Word.  So there is a thinning down of the disciples of God when you come to the esoteric traditions of the Great White Brotherhood.  The Christian churches today are in the exoteric, the outer tradition.  They have an academic and an emotional understanding of the Word, with very little demands upon them for the true path of initiation.  And so all people upon the earth are like birds who make their nests.  We all make our nests where we are most comfortable.  But it is written that where the body of the Lord is, where the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together. 9  Where the Word is, the true Word, there will the eagles be, signifying the sons of God who fly at the highest levels and make their nests in that point of the, of the mountain of God.  So there must be a willingness to leave Egypt, the ancient moorings of ones slavery to the concepts of limitation, mortality, and mortal law.  This is the problem that we see in civilization today.  People want God’s help, but they want him to help them within the context and the framework of their own human consciousness.  So they say to God, Deliver us of our pains, our diseases, our famine, our inconveniences, our wars, but don’t take from us the pleasures we enjoy and the things we want to keep.  We want to be human beings, but we want God to deliver us from our plight.  But God says, I want you to be God.  I want you to be perfect as I am perfect.  And this is the condition of my impartation of the Word.  When you accept the condition, you find that everything that you think you are surrendering is returned to you, but it is returned transformed.  You give God all of your old consciousness, all of the things stored in the attic, all of the junk in the basement, and he gives back to you the jewels of light, of his divine attributes.  Energy for energy.  It becomes so very difficult to part with those things of the lesser self, but when we take courage and we do, we enter in to a new life of the Spirit.  Our joy is full.  Our cup runneth over. 10  There is nothing that we ever had in the world that we do not now have in its transformed and purified and joyous state.  And what’s more, the things that God gives to us are the things that we get to keep.  And the daily observation of life on this planet is that when people make the transition, their souls are naked.  They keep nothing, not even human relationships, not their wealth, not their pride, not their name or fame.  All of these things vanish and they are naked.  But those who surrender them and have put on the permanency of God’s consciousness are not naked in their transition.  Their souls are clothed upon with the white garment that is the blending of all of God’s gifts of consciousness.  When God comes to deliver, he comes to deliver.  And all of us in the United States have to get used to that idea.  We have become addicted to this Babylonian civilization of materialism.  We’ve become addicted to the pleasure cult.  God has ordained for us an abundant life with all of the conveniences that we have.  But God has not ordained that we should make of this an idolatrous cult.  These things are not ends in themselves, not a reason to preserve a status quo of materialism.  They are things that serve us so that we can have a life that is free to serve the Lord.  Nonattachment.  People are not ready to leave off from their indulgences and involvements long enough to get enough of God to do something about the entrenched conditions of the Nephilim.  It takes sacrifice.  It takes surrender.  It takes a real love of God imprisoned in his people to go at this science all the way, all the way home, all the way to the deliverance of nations.  God will not inject himself into the limited mold that we create for this continuous enjoyment of the status quo.  Only those who are willing to leave behind the false identity, which is false because of the absence of the Word present in it, will have the full Shekinah glory of God come down unto them.  So I have come to you not of my own volition, but by the will of Sanat Kumara, the great initiator of our souls.  I come to represent him because you do not see him.  And it is necessary that you see and hear someone physically speaking to you the very Word that he would speak.  And so I am here to deliver not my word, but his word, to those who are willing to follow it where it will take them, to be transformed by it, and who do not fear the Lord in the sense of the fear and trembling of the fallen ones, but fear him in a sense of awe, who have the courage and the desire to become one with him through the science of the spoken Word.  It takes courage and a sense of self-worth to say, Lord, I will be where you are.  I will understand that holy ground is where I stand 11 because thou art the I AM THAT I AM where I am.  We put off our shoes from off our feet, and we recognize God is holy where I AM.  I will live accordingly.  If you are here because you want an easy method of learning how to manipulate elemental forces to your own designs, reciting some incantations so you can have material goods or sexual conquests or manipulations of people, the Word will turn and judge you.  And that judgment is the intense judgment that will strip from you all that you have misused.  You are responsible for every use of the Word that you make, even in your daily conversation towards one another and in all that you think or say or do, all that you feel, because all of this is one level or another of the Word itself.  I am saying this to you to give you a reverence for life in the midst of a civilization that is losing its sense of reverence for life.  We find that in the United States today, taking the name of God in vain is in vogue, blasphemies, words that invoke only darkness and demons are a carmen, a common part of everyday conversation.  We can scarcely go anywhere and not hear this blasphemy of the Word.  It is a misuse and it immediately invokes the presence of discarnates and demons.  People feel good when they say these words because it is an action of their own ego pride interacting with discarnates, who do give them a form of energy.  It is a low-grade energy like an electrical current.  And so in the absence of the repetition of the sacred name, which the people rejected because of the responsibility put upon them, they began reciting the names of lesser vibrations and of demons.  Yod He Vau He .  It’s a four-letter word.  So is the word w-o-r-d.  So is Lord , L-o-r-d, which stands for Jehovah, which is simply the addition of the vowels to the Yod He Vau He .  God gave us his name as the name and the only name wherewith we are saved.  Yet at the rate that people are repeating these four-letter words, you would think that they were their very salvation.  When you have a reverence for God and the Word, these things matter.  They begin to hurt you because God himself is disgraced each time they are spoken.  So Joshua said, come apart and be a separate people. 12  That is only the beginning of absence of reverence for life.  There are many, many in our society today, culminating in the murder of life itself in abortion, but going through all of the degrading vibrations that we hear in advertising, on billboards, and on and on and on that are misuses of the Word itself to program the people around a status quo of materialism instead of to exalt them to the I AM Presence.  The names that I have chanted to you of the Hebrew are exalting.  They immediately elevate the soul to the point of the I AM THAT I AM.  It is not a long, involved process.  It can happen easily and quickly.  But the descent through the misuse of the Word builds and builds and builds until you are in the greatest darkness and density.  And all of this can be undone, as the ascended masters have taught us.  I believe in the light of God in the American people.  I believe that there is a wonderful people in this nation.  I believe that that which they do, they do ignorantly.  God does not condemn, but people condemn themselves; that is, they are self-judged, and they deprive themselves of the light through ignorance.  Ignorance of the law is an absence of knowing.  Our ignorance comes about because we first ignored the law.  We turned our backs on this mighty I AM Presence and on the name of God.  We allowed our teachers to tell us we should no longer pronounce it.  Or we left off pronouncing it because of the disturbance in our life.  You find that people that are beset with entities and discarnates and many human conditions, who are in the grips of darkness, do not like to hear the name of God pronounced, do not like to hear the decrees of the Word, are not comfortable in the presence of mantras of the Word.  This is because of the presence of demons and discarnates.  So rebellion begets ignorance until finally in future incarnations there is not even the memory of the name itself.  We have lost our moorings by our misqualifications of the Word.  In Christian cosmogony, the Logos or Word through whom the world was created became flesh, and it was manifest in and as Jesus Christ.  How is this different from the transfer of the Word to Moses?  Moses simply had a greater portion of karma than Jesus did when he embodied.  Moses killed an Egyptian slave in his anger and therefore had to reincarnate and had a final incarnation in China before he ascended as Jesus Christ ascended.  It is a question of degrees, of how much the Word or Logos, how much God is actually integrated with the flesh form.  In Jesus Christ as in no other, we find the perfect integration of the Word.  So he is supremely called the Word incarnate, but we must not allow ourselves to feel that the incarnation of the Word is not approachable by ourselves.  We would walk in his footsteps, and we would do so because he has allowed it, willed it, ordained it.  “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father), full of grace and truth.” 13  The most exalted concept in all of religion and philosophy is this incarnation of the Word.  The flame burning in the bowl of being.  In the Sanskrit language, the word for Logos becoming flesh is avatara avatara .  And so there have been numerous great avatars who have directed the course of history.  Avatara is understood to be the perfect self-presentation of God in his Son, the perfect manifestation of the Word embodied in a form, in a person, in a physical body that we can see.  And because we can see it we can follow it back to the Source and become it ourselves.  There are fourteen verses [pause] written down by John.  John One, one through fourteen.  These verses tell the story of the incarnation.  The recitation of these verses as a chant of the sacred fire will create in you the matrix of the Word whereby you can follow the same fourteen initiations that result ultimately in the Word being present with you.  And so I’m going to give this as a chant and ask you to repeat it after me as your own affirmation of the Word.  [Pause.]

[Messenger chants:] IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD.  [Audience joins the messenger: “IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD.”]  [Messenger chants:] AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD.”]  [Messenger chants:]  AND THE WORD WAS GOD.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “AND THE WORD WAS GOD.”]  [Messenger chants:]  THE SAME WAS IN THE BEGINNING WITH GOD.  [Audience joins the messenger: “THE SAME WAS IN THE BEGINNING WITH GOD.”]  [Messenger chants:] ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “ALL THINGS WERE MADE BY HIM.”]  [Messenger chants:]  AND WITHOUT HIM WAS NOT ANYTHING MADE THAT WAS MADE.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “AND WITHOUT HIM WAS NOT ANYTHING MADE THAT WAS MADE.”]  [Messenger chants:]  IN HIM WAS LIFE.  [Audience joins the messenger: “IN HIM WAS LIFE.”]  [Messenger chants:] AND THE LIFE WAS THE LIGHT OF MEN.  [Audience joins the messenger: “AND THE LIFE WAS THE LIGHT OF MEN.”  Pause.]  [Messenger chants:]  AND THE LIGHT SHINETH IN THE DARKNESS AND THE DARKNESS COMPREHENDED IT NOT.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “AND THE LIGHT SHINETH IN THE DARKNESS AND THE DARKNESS COMPREHENDED IT NOT.”]  [Messenger chants:]  THERE WAS A MAN SENT FROM GOD WHOSE NAME WAS JOHN.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “THERE WAS A MAN SENT FROM GOD WHOSE NAME WAS JOHN.”]  [Messenger chants:]  THE SAME CAME FOR A WITNESS.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “THE SAME CAME FOR A WITNESS.”] [Messenger chants:]  TO BEAR WITNESS OF THE LIGHT.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “TO BEAR WITNESS OF THE LIGHT.”] [Messenger chants:]  THAT ALL MEN THROUGH HIM MIGHT BELIEVE.  [Audience joins the messenger: “THAT ALL MEN THROUGH HIM MIGHT BELIEVE.”]  [Messenger chants:] HE WAS NOT THAT LIGHT BUT WAS SENT TO BEAR WITNESS OF THAT LIGHT.  [Audience joins the messenger: “HE WAS NOT THAT LIGHT BUT WAS SENT TO BEAR WITNESS OF THAT LIGHT.”]  [Messenger chants:] THAT WAS THE TRUE LIGHT WHICH LIGHTETH EVERY MAN THAT COMETH INTO THE WORLD.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “THAT WAS THE TRUE LIGHT THAT LIGHTETH EVERY MAN THAT COMETH INTO THE WORLD.”]  [Messenger chants:] HE WAS IN THE WORLD.  [Audience joins the messenger: “HE WAS IN THE WORLD.”] [Messenger chants:] AND THE WORLD WAS MADE BY HIM.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “AND THE WORLD WAS MADE BY HIM.”]  [Messenger chants:]  AND THE WORLD KNEW HIM NOT.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “AND THE WORLD KNEW HIM NOT.”]  [Messenger chants:]  HE CAME UNTO HIS OWN AND HIS OWN RECEIVED HIM NOT.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “HE CAME UNTO HIS OWN AND HIS OWN RECEIVED HIM NOT.”]  [Messenger chants:]  BUT AS MANY AS RECEIVED HIM.  [Audience joins the messenger: “BUT AS MANY AS RECEIVED HIM.”] [Messenger chants:] TO THEM GAVE HE POWER TO BECOME THE SONS OF GOD.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “TO THEM GAVE HE POWER TO BECOME THE SONS OF GOD.”]  [Messenger chants:]  EVEN TO THEM THAT BELIEVE ON HIS NAME.  [Audience joins the messenger: “EVEN TO THEM THAT BELIEVE ON HIS NAME.”]  [Messenger chants:]  WHICH WERE BORN NOT OF BLOOD NOR OF THE THE WILL OF THE FLESH.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “WHICH WERE BORN NOT OF BLOOD NOR OF THE WILL OF THE FLESH.”] [Messenger chants:]  NOR OF THE WILL OF MAN BUT OF GOD.  [Audience joins the messenger: “NOR OF THE WILL OF MAN BUT OF GOD.”]  [Messenger chants:] AND THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH AND DWELT AMONG US.  [Audience joins the messenger: “AND THE WORD WAS MADE FLESH AND DWELT AMONG US.”]  [Messenger chants:]  AND WE BEHELD HIS GLORY.  [Audience joins the messenger: “AND WE BEHELD HIS GLORY.”]  [Messenger chants:]  THE GLORY AS OF THE ONLY BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER.  [Audience joins the messenger: “THE GLORY AS OF THE ONLY BEGOTTEN OF THE FATHER.”]  [Messenger chants:]  FULL OF GRACE AND TRUTH.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “FULL OF GRACE AND TRUTH.”]  We are always mindful to be careful and reverent of the repetition of the Word.  In these fourteen verses you will find the Word that can become your own.  There are four experiences conveyed here by John.  First of all is the recitation of the “In the beginning”– that the Word was with God, the same was in the beginning with God, nothing was made without the Word.  In the Word was life and this life became the light of men.  If you look at the chart you find the focal point of Brahman, or God without qualification, is the point in the center of the white-fire core of the I AM Presence.  There is the face of I AM THAT I AM superimposed upon it.  Behind the face of God, the Person of God, is the Absolute.  The Word who was with the Absolute, the Absolute and the Word, become the light the descends through qualification, through attribute, through the crystal cord, to become the light of men, the Threefold Flame burning in the heart.  This light shines in the darkness of non-comprehension and it is not understood.  Most people upon the planet today have the light shining, burning in their hearts, but they do not understand.  They do not comprehend, they cannot contain in consciousness the light.  Therefore, it remains sealed in the secret chamber of the heart.  All of this affirmation in the first section of John, the first chapter, sets the foundation for your realization of the Word.  Now you know that Word.  Now you know that light.  Why? because the Word has told you.  Therefore the second set of affirmations concerns yourself as a chela or a disciple of that Word.  And so John made very clear, concerning his role, John the Beloved.  We also consider John the Baptist as a witness.  If you listen to this and you place your own name there, you are immediately elevated into the office of chela.  “There was a man (There was a woman) sent from God whose name was (say your name) [audience responds].”  “There was a man (woman) sent from God whose name was [audience responds].” “The same came for a witness to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.  He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.  That was the true Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”  Your soul, the point of the potential of your being, has a calling and a veritable office in the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood–to bear witness to the Light.  “The same came for a witness”–“Lord, I AM thy witness.  Here me, O God.  I AM the witness unto thy Word and thy Light that all men through him might believe”– that all men through your witness might believe.  Understanding the self as the witness of the Light is, again, the point of your reverence for life.  You are revered by God in heaven and in earth and by all of the holy angels because you, if you elect to enter in to the office by free will, are anointed and appointed to be a witness of the Light.  John the Beloved, a disciple, recognized the office.  This is the meaning of chela chela meaning disciple .  Chela comes from the Sanskrit word meaning slave .  We are servants of the Light. Not gods of the light in the Nephilim sense of gods but servants–and our first service is to bear witness to the light we have seen, and to tell all men of that light that shines in the darkness of the veils of flesh that they do not comprehend.  As we witness to the light, we become the light.  Now John speaks of the Word, the Word as Guru, the Word as the Avatara incarnate.  Over and over and over again over the ages God incarnates and John speaks of this event.

John 1:10-13        He was in the world, [and] the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

He came [un]to his own, [and] his own received him not.
But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

Therefore the recitation of the Word is, is of the transfer from the avatara to the witness, from the avatara to the witness, from the master to the disciple of the flame, the unquenchable, all-consuming flame.  This is why we gather at the feet of Sanat Kumara.  This is why we hang upon the Word of the Holy Spirit for the transfer.  And I mentioned to you last evening of the problem of evolution upon earth, of the crossbreeding of the life forms, the fallen ones, their mechanization man interacting with the children of God and even the sons of God–some of the offspring having a Threefold Flame, some having not.  God is not a materialist.  God is not a materialist.  He is not confounded by bodies without flames.  If there is within that temple the will and the determination to exchange the old man for the new then God says, “I send my only begotten Son into the world that through him you, the uncreated, the mechanically created, the unrealized self, might be saved.”  Therefore, it is in the power of the avatara to transfer the light, the light that lighteth every man, every son of God that comes into the world, every child of God.  It is the power of the avatara to expand and cause the explosion/implosion of light within your heart to increase its intensity which you have allowed to decrease by your ignoring of the Word.  This is what John the Beloved is witnessing to as Peter was to witness.  “Thou art the Christ of God.  Thou art the Word come down to us.”  And the final statement, 

John 1:14               And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

“As of the only begotten”–the only begotten residing permanently in Brahman, the only begotten descending, the begotten of God–we behold the glory, the light emanation as the only begotten.  The fourfold steps that God has given to John to write become your very own when you make them so.  We are so programmed to a rote consciousness that I could hear in the vibration of your word a nonidentification with the real inner fiery core of the light.  This is something that you must work on, going back to these verses, reciting them again.  When you say, “In the beginning was the Word,” you are there in the beginning, you are there in the fiery core of your I AM Presence.  You’re not sitting in an exoteric sense with your outer mind repeating a few words.  That is not the science of the spoken Word.  It is loving the vibration, going with it, stilling the outer self, and being able to equate with God.  He “thought it not robbery to make himself equal with God.”  It is not robbery because God gives of himself to us liberally.  Don’t allow the Nephilim, wolves in sheep’s clothing in their pulpits, to tell you that it is blasphemy to affirm that the Son of God is where you are, and that God is where you are, and that the mighty I AM Presence, the Christ Self, is God with you–Immanuel.  Do not allow these fallen ones to take from you your birthright.  You can go nowhere without the Word and the Word is God’s memorial to you the generations of his light and his seed.  This is the white-fire core teaching of the Great White Brotherhood and the foundation of the science of the spoken Word.  The Word is the power of God, the activating, creative force.  This is the force with us that Isaiah named as the Immanuel.  Immanuel means “God with us,” God incarnate as Christ.  This Christ I declare to you to be your real created, uncreated Self–your real created, uncreated Self.  Created because God created it as his image and likeness in whom all things are made; uncreated because you yourself have not yet re-created his matrix, his pattern to fashion your own identity out of its image and likeness.  The created, uncreated Self.  You could not create anything that was not already created.  The Real Self is created, is perfect in its spiritual house, temple, and vibration.  The mighty work of the ages of your soul is to re-create that Self where you are.  Each time you intone the Word, a portion of your Real Self is created in the Matter universe and God comes into this temple.  That is what our daily dynamic decrees are all about.  Through the correct use of the Word, identification with the Word, men and women have freed their souls from the rounds of rebirth to follow the conquerors of death and hell who have gone before them on the path of soul liberation by the Word.  It is apparent that Indian philosophy has influenced Hellenic, Semitic, and even Egyptian thought to some degree.  There are some differences between the Christian idea of Logos and the Indian concept of Vak.  Vak–the Word.  [Messenger chants:]  VAK.  VAK.  Hindu theology actually considers the Word to be the Mother of the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva–the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer.  This philosophy then places the Word with God, above and beyond Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–the Trinity of Christian theology.  We can understand this when we remember that the definition of Brahman is “God without attribute.”  As soon as we say God the Father, we have a manifestation of God with attribute.  We have a person we can visualize and identify.  As soon as we say God the Son, it is a personification, an attribute, and so to the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, the Word with God in the beginning without whom was not anything made that was made becomes the means for the manifestation of God with attributes.  Ultimately, when you have the manifestation of the Trinity which is the Threefold Flame in your heart, then that Trinity in turn again creates and manifests, and we then become ourselves embodiments of the attributes of the Trinity.  This places Mother or the sense of Mother, because Mother again becomes an attribute, behind, behind the creation of the masculine forms of deity.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ways of the Path that we walk in.  People looking upon us should see one or more or all of these attributes manifesting from time to time.  All of us must manifest Father Person from time to time to other parts of life, the Son Person, the Holy Spirit–Father as the authority of the law and Lawgiver and the defender of the law; Son as the embodiment of wisdom and the teachings; Spirit, of love and comfort.  All of these are continually flowing through us as the light emanations of the Trinity.  In Indian thought then, we adjust our minds to consider that the Word as Vak is the supreme shakti or the potent power, yet it is one with Brahman.  On the surface, this unification of the Word in God appears, appears at odds with theological Christianity, but a deeper view of both Hindu and Christian cosmogony reveals the fundamental supremacy of the Word of God.  When we stop and think about it, even in the Christian sense, if we really meditate upon what John has written which antedates(?) John going back and back and back to the, the traditions of the written and unwritten scriptures.  Without the Word “was not any thing made that was made.”  In Hinduism, the incarnation of the Word is held to be with all man, and can be directly known and developed as the soul seeks to become united with it.  This is the Hindu conception of the soul as jiva jiva , that element of being which is in the process of becoming God through his Word.  [Pause.]  All of the sons of God are light emanations of the Guru Sanat Kumara.  As Moses was initiated by Sanat Kumara, he foreknew the coming of the Word incarnate in Jesus Christ.  And he spent his entire mission preparing the children of Israel for the coming of the Word as that Saviour that is able to transfer the light of the Threefold Flame as an initiatic right to those that believe on him as the Word incarnate.  The meaning of believing on the name of Jesus Christ is to believe that he is an avatara, an incarnation of the Word, and a very specific incarnation–the one assigned to you and to me.  We don’t simply go prancing around the universe picking gurus.  Gurus pick us.  Jesus said:  “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” 14  We find a great rebellion in the world today in America and in all nations.  Bypassing this incarnate Word for other teachers, rabbis, masters, great writers, great prophets, they have all come.  But Jesus Christ is the initiator, not only of the Piscean age, but of the age of Pisces as an initiatic cycle within our own being.  We all have to pass through the age of Pisces in our own soul development.  We’re moving into Aquarius in a planetary sense.  but in a personal sense, some people have never gotten through the age of Taurus or the age of Aries.  They are known as laggards; they are lagging behind the cosmic cycles.  Each age has its avatara.  If you missed the last one, you have to take the one that is with us now and through that one go back and pick up the dropped stitches of the previous avataras.  Moses, then, is preparing the children of Israel to receive that Word incarnate.  Prophet foresaw his coming, the esoteric Jews in their traditions were preparing for his coming.  The very few returned to Jerusalem from captivity when given the opportunity to do so, to be there in the hour when his birth was predicted.  Jesus, then, has become the stumbling block for many who cannot get past this conception, this mystery of the Holy Grail that is so important, the sacred fire burning in the bush but the bush not consumed.  The Nephilim are very angry about this mystery that God would dare to come down on earth that they have claimed as their earth and actually incarnate in a flesh-and-blood form which they consider they totally control, and defy all laws of material science and walk the earth as a man.  And therefore they say it cannot be, it is not so, it is blasphemy for any son of God to declare that he is God.  And so they intimidate the souls, the jiva in the state of becoming that Word.  And without the true shepherd the sheep do not go the way of that Word.  [Pause.]  One cannot understand the incarnate Word without the Holy Spirit.  It is written in the New Testament, “No man can declare that Jesus is Lord except by the Spirit.”  You cannot intellectually understand the incarnate Word, because if you do, if you try to, you will have an idolatrous sense of its incarnation.  You will sense a confinement to the flesh, and because you have not contacted the Spirit, you will be an idolator of the flesh and blood Jesus.  This idolatry is rampant in the Christian churches of today.  It is the worship of the personal man Jesus.  It is contact not with the Spirit of the living God, in many instances.  There are many beautiful people who have received the message and the light and know that God face to face in the true sense of the word.  Jesus is an ascended master, no less with us, no less the initiator of our souls to our own Christ potential.  We must beware then of the false pastors who scatter and destroy the sheep of my pasture 15 by teaching the idolatrous religion of the worship of the flesh and blood Jesus.  They are the ones who proclaim him the only begotten Son of God, and there is no other like him.  God is not a materialist.  God acknowledges the Avatara in every Son who has become the Word.  Therefore we find that Saint Germain as that Word incarnate is every much, every wit as much the initiator of souls with the true Light, that lighteth every man, 16 because the only begotten Son of God manifest itself over and over and over again wherever there is the fullness of the incarnation.  “If it were not so, I would have told you.” 17  Words of the Christ, “If it were not so, I would have told you.”  If it were not so, you would not have a divine identity as the Christ Self.  There is only one Son in infinity.  As soon as infinity manifests in the finite, it must repeat itself because we have dimensions of time and space.  The bush is repeated over and over and over again.  Suddenly you see on the screen of your mind a million bushes blazing with the sacred fire and a million souls blazing with the one only begotten Son of God.  This knot of this sacred mystery is what has tied and bound the Christians to the Nephilim preachers and the Nephilim perverters of the Word.  This knot of this teaching is what separates me from all others, why I am ostracized by all preachers and ministers and rabbis and priests throughout the world.  This very point.  If I would surrender this point, I could be a part of the National or the World Council of Churches.  I could be a welcome speaker in any church.  I wouldn’t have to rent a hall.  I could go and knock on the Baptist church and say, Can I use your church for my seminar?  Welcome.  Come into our midst.  Why, of course.  But you see that does not happen because I am a defender of the Word and a witness of the Word.  And look at how many of you have been able to become free to hear that Word.  Look at the entrenched fear and indoctrination.  Look at this grip of the Nephilim.  I see you, sons and daughters of Afra.  Do you know what has bound and held down the black people of America and the world?  It is this false teaching of the false gurus and the false pastors.  I see you, descendants of every nation in the world.  I see your hearts and your seed of light as the descendants of Abraham, having that point of Christ consciousness.  Why are you not God-realized?  Because you have feared to understand that he led us to this co-equality with God.  He thought it not robbery to make himself equal with God.  God has created you, sons and daughters of light, to be co-creators with him.  Co-create.  What does it mean to co-create?  It means that the outline of the self on the backdrop of God’s being is just that, an outline.  Here is an outline drawn on the screen of life.  It is really God, God with an outline that has form and consciousness.  Take a piece of paper.  Make a model of yourself.  In your, in your mind you can do this.  And you look at it, and you hold up the piece of paper, and you realize that you are really the paper.  The paper is God.  You are merely an outline.  You have to have the mystery by the sense of the flow of the Word.  The bush is not separate from the sacred fire.  The bush of itself does nothing.  With the sacred fire, it becomes a co-creator with God.   Moses, go and be a co-creator with me.  That is the message of Sanat Kumara.  We always understand ourselves subject unto, servants of the light, instruments of the I AM that is declared where I am is God speaking the I AM where I am.  It is not the lesser self laying claim to that I AM.  That is the point of idolatry.  That is where the use of the name of God I AM becomes inverted as the inverted five-pointed star of Satan.  [Pause.]  The secrets of the universe that are given to God’s children are simple, but they are too hard for the fallen ones.  It is too hard for them to reach this point of surrender.  And the demons and the discarnates surrounding the false pastors have the fear and the trembling.  They fear to become co-creators.  They fear what will happen to them when the Lord stands where they are.  And when they are Nephilim, when they are fallen ones, when they are mechanization man, there is only one thing that can happen to them when God stands where they stand and that is the judgment, that is the annihilation of all that is anti-God.  Where God is, there is no anti-God.  And those who fear to preach Immanuel God with us, where I am, have not God in them or his Spirit else they would not fear to do so.  And the rest of them that parrot the original perverters of the Word are simply indoctrinated, the blind leaders of the blind, 18 the ignorant who have ignored the laws of God.  And all must hear the message of Sanat Kumara so they can choose this day whom they will serve.  And once they hear the message, then they may come into alignment with the truth.  All peoples and nations must have delivered to them in this hour this Everlasting Gospel, the gospel of the Word incarnate.  And when they hear the Word, when it is preached by you, by this Holy Spirit of Sanat Kumara, there is a quickening.  There is the power conveyed of conversion.  And therefore in the presence of conversion, they either murder the Son of God as they murdered Saint Stephen 19 when he brought them the Word and they stoned him to death, or they will turn and be converted by that Word and become it and bow before it and serve it.  There are only two reactions to the real and living Word.  Either it must be destroyed because it threatens to destroy the fallen one, or it must be received fully and internalized.  The same  is true of all the Old Testament prophets.  This magnificent event in the life of Saint Stephen, how he shone, how the light was upon, how he did not fear to rebuke those Nephilim. 20  He spoke to them, he rebuked them, he told them about their Guru Moses and what Moses had taught them, and that they were flesh and blood idolators.  His entire sermon is in the Book of Acts. 21  And there he was in their midst, and they covered their ears and they stopped him and they rent their garments and they took their stones and they stoned him, because Almighty God as the Word incarnate was that close to them.  And that was the same Almighty God and his Word against whom they had rebelled in heaven for which they were cast out of heaven into the earth.  Dyed-in-the-wool anti-God.  They will not leave their position.  Why will they not leave their position, these original rebels against God, when they can have all of God and be God if they will just put down the alter-ego, the human ego that opposes the Divine Ego?  Well, if I had the answer to the question, I might be God.  It’s a very difficult question in theology, why the fallen one will not repent, will not recant, will thereby be canceled out when finally God says, I will be where you are.  I will give you a sign, Ahaz.  Whether you ask for it or not, this is the sign:  A virgin shall conceive.  Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bring forth a son, and his name shall be called Immanuel. 22  God with us will be where they are.  And when God in his own cycles of cosmic cycles determines to do this, that Christ literally displaces anti-Christ, who is no more, who is consumed.  And that is the real understanding of the judgment.  That is the understanding of the judgment. The Word is a measure of what we are.  When the Word stands where we stand, it measures the absence of the Word.  It consumes the anti-Word.  Therefore, when we go before the Lord Almighty at the conclusion of our incarnations, we must have the seamless garment.  We must have the substance of the Word in us else that jiva, that soul in the state of becoming, will be canceled out because it has maintained itself as the not self.  There is an order to heaven and earth, and this is its order.  And God has provided the means for the consuming ultimately of all unlike himself.  Now he has given to us the opportunity in this earth plane to make our choices, to put on his Word.  He’s given us time, and times, and a half a time, 23 and space, and coordinates of life and interacting with one another so we would have the opportunity to be God, before God should stand where we stand and we should cease to be.  Thus the message, repent and be saved, begins to take on an esoteric meaning, and we no longer react against it when it is given to us in the exoteric sense by those who themselves have never repented or been saved.  Therefore their preaching and their discarnates and demons become an aggravation, a literal aggravation to our souls own sense of righteousness.  Jesus the Christ came with certain roles or offices or mantles.  He told us about these mantles.  [Pause.]  I want to speak to you of the office of Saviour.  The office of Saviour was realized to its fullest potential in Jesus Christ.  We see an expression of Saviour in Moses, but the full and total complete manifestation of the Saviour is here.  Who is our Saviour?  Our Saviour is the Lord God Almighty manifest in the person of Sanat Kumara.  And Sanat Kumara manifests in his sons.  When Jesus began his mission, he went into the temple, he picked up the scriptures, and he read from the Book of Isaiah.  He defined his mission as follows, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.” 24  Repeat it please.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.”]  Because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “Because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor.”]  He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted.  [Audience joins the messenger: “He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted.”]  To preach deliverance to the captives. [Audience joins the messenger: “To preach deliverance to the captives.”]  And recovering of sight to the blind.  [Audience joins the messenger: “And recovering of sight to the blind.”]  To set at liberty them that are bruised.  [Audience joins the messenger:  “To set at liberty them that are bruised.”] To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. [Audience joins the messenger: “To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”]  This is what the Saviour, your own Christ Self, is speaking at inner levels.  When the triangle of your being becomes congruent with the triangle of your personal Saviour–your Christ Self who is your Saviour through Jesus Christ, Sanat Kumara–then the oneness of these two triangles becoming the six-pointed star of David in your heart enables you to say the very same Word with the very same vibration that Jesus spoke it two thousand years ago.  Jesus is preaching the acceptable year of the coming of the Lord Sanat Kumara to be the incarnate Word within you–the acceptable year of the Lord Sanat Kumara to be the incarnate Word within you.  He is declaring himself to be filled with the Holy Spirit as the Supreme Aligner–he aligns the inner and outer being.  That is the means of healing.  The alignment of the outer manifestation with the inner blueprint by the Word results in physical, mental, emotional, etheric healing.  He thus declares himself to be in the very office of the Saviour, the Comforter, the very Person of the Holy Spirit.  Now on the one hand, he can declare himself to be the fullness of the Word; on the other hand, he gives a seemingly opposite message.  This is one that is often not quoted.  Because it interferes with Christian doctrine.  Jesus was so concerned that this be preached that when he gave this teaching he cried.  He cried when he gave these words.  And he said, 

       John 12:44-50       …He that believeth on me believeth not on me but on him that sent me.  And he the seeth me seeth him that sent me.

I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.
And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not; for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.
He that rejected me, and receiveth not my words, hat one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.
For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.
And I know that his commandment is life everlasting: whatsoever I speak therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak.

“So I speak.”  Here Jesus proclaims himself to be the messenger of God.  He cried because he was so concerned that his mission would be misunderstood, and it has been misunderstood.  For people to actually consider that Jesus was the messenger of the Word means that they will have to separate the flesh-and-blood Jesus who is the instrument of the Word from the literal Christ, the only begotten Son who is the Word itself.  And this they will not do.  They want Jesus Christ to be one person.  But flesh and blood cannot inherit the consciousness of God.  Not the flesh-and-blood Jesus, but the Word incarnate is the great mystery of this Logos, this Christos.  He cried because if you believe on him instead on, of on the one who sent him, you are in a state of idolatry.  And even as I am saying this, it is hard for you to understand because your mind must pass through to the infinite Mind of God to realize what I am really saying.  And in two thousand years we have not left off from the idolatrous conception of Jesus Christ.  Therefore he, the man, desired to place himself in the position of separating himself, standing back from the Word so that people would see here is a man who is a messenger of God, who says, “Believe not on me but on the one who sent me.  Believe on the Lord Sanat Kumara.  Believe on the Lord Gautama Buddha and Lord Maitreya, and all who have preceded me in this grand chain of the hierarchy of light of the Word incarnate.  Believe on the Word and not the flesh and blood. [Pause.]  He said, “I judge him not,” yet the son of God is the judge.  Yet Jesus says, “If anybon, if any man hear my words and believe not, I judge him not”–because he is standing as messenger. I judge not.  I judge depending on the point of the identification of consciousness.  The I who am the judge, the I who am the judge is the Lord God who stands where I stand.  He has a right to speak and say, I am the Son of God.  I AM the Christ of God.  The one who is the vehicle must separate himself out from it in order to teach that the two are not fused.  It is the appearance that the sacred fire burns in the bush, but the two are distinct.  They appear to be fused.  They are fused; they are not fused.  It is the mystery, the mystery of the Holy Grail.  In the hour when he gave this teaching, Jesus was doing it for the sake of those who did not have the Holy Spirit, who were idolatrous.   When the people leave off their idolatrous consciousness, then, then the veil is parted and lo, Jesus can declare unto them, “I AM the Christ of God.  I AM God incarnate.  I AM God where I AM.  I AM THAT I AM.  I AM WHO I AM.  I AM WHERE I AM.”  And those who have the Spirit can receive that Word and never have the sense of idolatry.  And therefore the declaration, I AM WHO I AM, is only made by the disciple.  Jesus was concerned that his disciples identify him as the Christ of God. [Pause.] For him to declare, “I AM God,” would be blasphemous because it would fall upon blasphemous ears.  Therefore, in the exoteric sense of religion it is blasphemous to declare, “I AM God.  I AM God the Father.  I AM God the Son.  I AM God the Holy Spirit.”  But in the inner sense of knowing the origin of being, the declaration is made in the secret chamber of the heart, in the Holy of Holies.  By declaring it in the absolute sense, we establish the absolute blueprint whereby ultimately the outer manifestation will become the Word.  So that when you say, “I AM a son of God,” you are speaking for the Christ Self and the Real Self and you are speaking with the fond hope, the fervent faith, and the true charity of God that one day the totality of your being will be able to declare, “Lo, I AM the Son of God.” And there will not be a molecule or an atom of your being that is not in total alignment with that truth.  If the truth be not declared in you, it cannot be realized.  [Pause.]  But the children of Israel were looking for more than a messenger of God.  They were waiting and looking for the one who would be the incarnation of the I AM THAT I AM and of Sanat Kumara, the one in whom would dwell bodily the very Electronic Presence of the Ancient of Days.  And so, as John the Baptist and Jesus Christ interacted as Guru and chela–John the Baptist having been incarnated as Elijah, Jesus Christ having been incarnated as Elisha.  They played out the great drama on the stage of life; and therefore, to establish this Person there were many routes taken, the Lord God Almighty himself cooperating.  In the very beginning hour of Jesus’ ministry there is the baptism by Jesus of John in Jordan.  After a certain discussion that John declares he is not worthy to baptism, to baptize Jesus Christ, for now the Guru has risen to the position of, the chela Jesus Christ has risen to the position of Guru and John the Baptist understands his role, “I must decrease; he must increase.”  John the Baptist is playing the role of receding into the Holy of Holies, receiving, receding into the unmanifest as Jesus Christ is coming forth to be the manifest.  Jesus then says, “Suffereth, suffer it’s to be so now, so for it becometh us to perform all things.” 25  In the hour of the baptism there is a declaration of the incarnate Word.  The dove descends out of heaven and the voice of God declares: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased,” 26 meaning, “in whom I AM in manifestation.” “I AM well pleased.  I AM the inhabiter of this Son.” When God is well pleased with us, he lives in our temple.  “This is my beloved Son, in whom I AM; in whom I, in whom I dwell because I am pleased with his manifestation.” We have many announcements of this Word incarnate.  Later, then, John the Baptist sends two of his disciples inquiring, “Art thou he that should come or look we for another?” 27   This is the drama.  John the Baptist knew well who was the Lord and Saviour.  But for the sake of the disciples, for the sake of the multitude, the role was played.  And Jesus gave the answer and said unto them:

Matt. 11:4,5        …Go and show John again those things which ye do hear and see:

The blind receive their sight, [and] the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.

It was evidence.  It was the truth that the Word and the works are one and the same.  Where there is the Word, there are the works of the Word, the manifestation.  The disciple can know that Jesus is the One sent, the Lord, the incarnation, because of evidence–evidence, living proof of the Word performing its perfect work.  In the hour of the transfiguration, again the testimony, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.” 28  Listen to his Word.  He is the Word; he is the messenger of the Word–the twofold office in one.  And that was the message of the transfiguration, but Peter, James, and John were in the idolatrous sense.  Immediately they wanted to erect three tabernacles to commemorate the ascended masters whom they saw–Moses, Elias, and Jesus.  But the Word of God to them is, “Hear ye him.  Hear ye him–he is the Word and he is the tabernacle of the Word.  You have no need to build the tabernacle when you have the Word with you.  Hear ye him.”  Hear him now as he speaks in the very chamber of your heart.  [Pause.]  The Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus Christ come from this mountaintop experience.  If you do not have a decree book, they are on the page eight of this little folder.  The Transfiguring Affirmations, they are 60.01 in the gold section of your decrees.  [Pause.]  Together [audience joins the messenger]:

I AM the Open Door which no man can shut
I AM the Light which lighteth every man that

cometh into the world

I AM the Way
I AM the Truth
I AM the Life
I AM the Resurrection
I AM the Ascension in the Light
I AM the fulfillment of all my needs and

requirements of the hour

I AM abundant supply poured out upon all life
I AM perfect sight and hearing
I AM the manifest perfection of being
I AM the illimitable Light of God

made manifest everywhere

I AM the Light of the Holy of Holies
I AM a son of God
I AM the Light in the holy mountain of God

We will give this now as a chant.  [Pause.] [Interruption, aside to the ushers.] [Pause.]  Can our ushers be seated? Could you be seated please?  [Pause.] [Messenger and audience sing “Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus the Christ.”]  [Aside to singers to be seated.]  [Interruption.] [Messenger and audience sing “Transfiguring Affirmations of Jesus the Christ.”]


In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I AM the authority of the Word.  And the Word I declare unto you.  Therefore, the Word goeth forth and the Word is the initiator of the light within you.  And lo, I AM the initiator of that Word.  Henceforth, therefore, let that Word be the Word that speaks the Word of life. And let it bypass the lesser self and let the Word incarnate that I AM be the Word that speaks through the chelas of Sanat Kumara and the true chelas of the Word.  Amen.

My beloved, I am dismissing you until two o’clock.  Please keep the meditation of the Word in your heart and keep the sense of reverence.  It is a holy light that surrounds you.  It is a very precious light that you have received.  It is delicate and sacred.  Retain it and it will be unto you the light of life.  Thank you.  [Music.]



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