The Mandate of Publishing the Teachings

Do you know that the publishing of the Word is one of the greatest chal­lenges that any of us can face‑-to sit, seated in the flow of the Word, to organize the teachings of the Masters.

And all along this initiation, all who serve‑‑the technicians who record it, the word processors, everyone who is a part of making this happen through Graphics, the supporting staff, the whole community is on the line of initiation of the Holy Spirit that says, “I must publish the Word this day; my Lord has commanded me.  I will not be distracted from this one‑pointedness.”  It is the most difficult test, whether from my position or anyone’s.  The force always has the ray to deny the Word.
By the Word you have come here.  Very few of you have come to me any other way except by the published Word published as the tapes or the books, the posters, and so forth.  It is an amazing thing, but the Word is the vortex that draws all of us to the point of the center.

And so he says, “It must first be published.  You have no other choice; you must publish it.  If you do not, nothing else will follow; you will not pass the test of the thirteen; you will not arrive at the point of the center of the pyramid when you have a date there for the victory of your ascension.”

From “Sunday Service, The Thirteenth Initiation” June 16th, 1985

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